Years of service award lapel pins are great motivators.  They inspire employees to be their best personally and professionally.  The small recognition items are widely recognized and appreciated by people of all ages and occupations.  Receiving a years of service award lapel pin is an honor that benefits not only the employee but the employer as well.

Recognition award lapel pins help boost morale.  In return, this improves employee performance in the workplace.  Workers go the extra mile to make sure that they meet and exceed their goals and that they are positive and encouraging to those around them.  Custom lapel pins can be worn with pride.  The recognition award helps build trust with customers because they can see how long any employee has been with the company.

The picture of the custom years of service lapel pin included with this blog is a great example of the things we can do to help personalize the awards we create for you. Some highlights of the pin, they utilized the same mold to keep their costs low and silk-screened the years on. They utilized a 3 tiered plating scheme from lowest year to highest year-copper, silver, and gold.  Each color of metal plating signifies a different achievement.  This gives employees a reason to stay with a company because they have three different awards they can earn.

Get your years of service award lapel pins created today.  To start the design process, contact All About Pins either by emailing or by calling 1-866-604-9462 toll-free.  You can also visit our website located at today and fill out the Free Quote form located at the top right hand corner of the page.  We can’t wait to hear your design ideas and get started on your custom employee recognition pins today.