Magnetic lapel pins have many uses and that is why they appeal to such a wide range of customers.  From the seasoned traveler to the college student with a cause, the outstanding pieces of custom jewelry make a powerful statement.

Advantages of Magnetic Lapel Pins

First and foremost, magnetic lapel pins are long lasting and functional.  Unlike other souvenirs or forms of memorabilia, they are very durable and hold up to the tests of time.  That is one of the main reasons why people love to collect them.  The personalized pins chronicle their journey from decade to decade and shed light on the states that they visited, the clubs they were a member of, and the places they chose to work.  Essentially, they become a part of an individual’s personal history.

Second of all, custom lapel pins with magnetic backings make great items for gift shops and boutiques to sell.  Affixed to a piece of custom cardstock, these items are ready to display the moment that they are taken out of the box.  Museums and souvenir shops around the country can benefit from the convenience of ready-made pins bearing their graphic or logo.

Last but not least, many employers like to order magnetic lapel pins for their workers because the badges will not leave holes in clothing the way standard posts do.  This makes for a cleaner and more professional public presentation and reduces the need to replace and mend articles of clothing damaged by pins.

Like standard lapel pins, magnetic back lapel pins are fully customizable.  Our customers have their pick of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.  They can feature any type of graphic including photographs of people, locations, and animals as well as text.  They can even include add-ons like glitter and blinking lights for an outstanding design that everyone can appreciate.

Magnetic lapel pins are versatile and that is why so many of our customers order them.  For a special event or unique gift, consider All About Pins for your personal or professional needs.