Silk Screen is an option that is offered to customers whose custom lapel pins have specific details or a logo that cannot be altered.  Like a t-shirt, the image or text is screened onto the enamel or metal portion of the pin so that there is no metal border separating the colors from one another like you find with soft enamel or cloisonné style lapel pins.

“What Type of Designs Look Good with Silk Screening?”

For designs that have trademarked logos, silk screening is ideal.  Smaller, more intricate designs can be put on the pin or the colors can be silk screened beside one another without compromising the quality of the design.

The lapel pins that we created for McLellan have colors on their flags that could not be separated by metal borders so silk screening was perfect because it allowed the image that is used by the company to be translated to the lapel pin’s design.

This option is great for creating years of service pins.  Instead of having a new mold created each year, the custom lapel pins can be designed in a way that uses the same mold.  Silk screened text is then placed directly onto the enamel in the same manner that we created the Alachua County Tax Collector lapel pins.  This allows customers to be resourceful and to only alter their designs when they deem it necessary.

Silk screening lapel pins gives them more detail.  This is especially helpful in adding names and dates to custom designs.  Trading pins are often silk screened as a way of including each player’s number and first name.  This makes these items more personal and increases their value at trading events.

To learn more about the silk screening process, visit us online at  In addition to providing you with a gallery of past projects to view, we also offer you three ways to contact us.  You can inquire about our services through our Free Quote form online, email us at or direct your questions to a sales representative via our toll-free phone line at 1-866-604-9462.  Whatever method you choose, rest assured that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you create beautiful silk screened lapel pins for your business or organization.