Businesses and organizations are looking for new and improved ways to market the products and services that they provide. With that being said, many companies turn to All About Pins for their custom lapel pin needs. We are committed to providing a stress-free process for all of our customers from start to finish. That is why we offer complimentary artwork, rapid design completion, and free shipping with every order that you place with us.

In addition to providing you with valuable incentives , our team of seasoned professionals are on hand to help you determine the precise type of custom lapel pin (cloisonné, soft enamel, diestruck, photographic, or photo etched) to help you actively achieve your personal and professional goals. You can call 1-866-604-9462 or email for a free quote today.

Custom lapel pins are small in size but big with potential. They serve as indispensible marketing tools that can assist your company with:

1. Promotion. As a promotional tool, custom lapel pins are an extremely successful way to build a brand and market a small business or company’s products, services, and events. Used on a regular basis, promotional giveaway items like lapel pins drive sales and encourage customer loyalty.

2. Education. Custom lapel pins can be used to inform the public about the consequences of deadly diseases, instill a sense of community in likeminded individuals, fundraise for a cause, and give new customers, employees, and volunteers the information that they need about a company’s background, campaigns, and mission.

3. Recognition. Today’s employees are the backbone of a company. Without a group of dedicated team members, many business ventures and non-profits would not be where they are today. Outstanding achievements are acknowledged through the use of custom years of service lapel pins or safety awards. Schools and universities around the country have custom lapel pins created for graduates, Honor Roll members, and clubs on campus.

4. Commemoration. Paying tribute to members of service based industries, honorees, and lost loved ones are a few of the reasons why custom lapel pins are so versatile. Virtually any type of pin that a customer desires can be created by All About Pins in less than a day’s time using custom artwork and the company or individual’s unique logo, drawing, or photograph.

5. Encouragement. Small tokens of appreciation, like custom lapel pins, encourage teamwork and attendance, boost morale, support safety measures, and inspire others to get the job done well. When handed out at a banquet or company event, these items double the impact of outstanding accomplishments.

6. Evolution. As company standards and products evolve, the custom lapel pins handed out to customers and employees can too. Danglers, spinners, and sliders are a few of the ways to update existing lapel pins to give them a new and improved appearance. Upcoming ad campaigns make use of custom lapel pins as a way to effectively promote and endorse products in an environmentally-friendly way.

Custom lapel pins combine the versatility of promotional products with the unique appearance of your business, school, or organization’s logo, motto, and colors. In addition to getting the word out about your products and services, they serve as a reminder of past accomplishments and pay tribute to those individuals who have helped make your company the success it is today.