Walmart is a well-known chain of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, the company has over 8,970 locations worldwide and employs over 2.1 million associates.  Having a staff of highly efficient and well-informed employees allows the corporation to keep costs low for the consumer.

Walmart contacted us because they wanted to create a challenge coin to be used as an award in the workplace.  Like other companies, they felt like they should reward exceptional employees.  Challenge coins are perfect for this reason.  More custom in nature than engraved plaques, they are essentially portable recognition awards.  Because of their size, challenge coins can be placed in a pocket or bag and carried from one location to the next.

Tangible Rewards Boost Morale and Encourage Excellence

If you have a luncheon or big yearly convention, you will want to consider the positive effect custom challenge coins have on your employees.  They encourage individuals in your workplace to be their personal best.  They also increase productivity and boost morale.  Tangible rewards like these ensure that there are less absences and lower turnover as well.  Satisfied employees are likely to stay with a company for years.

Here are some benefits of employee recognition award programs:

  • Increased satisfaction
  • A boost in productivity
  • Fewer absences
  • Longer lengths of service
  • Fewer accidents
  • Greater profitability

Challenge coins have the ability to award, motivate, and educate.  That’s what makes them an effective tool for the workplace.  Walmart realized this and contacted us with their request.  Using their design ideas, we were able to create a custom product rich in detail and personal meaning.

The message was extended to both sides of the challenge coin.  It included a personalized message that reads, “In Recognition of Ground Breaking Leadership,” as well as the company’s logo.  The edge of the coin also has traits that the recipient posesses including: Courageous, Visionary, Creative, Ambitious, and Influential.  Employees that received the honor will be able to look back at their coin and know exactly what it was for.

Challenge coins are a great way to reward employees.  If you need an incentive that is memorable and has long lasting appeal, order custom coins from All About Coins.  We offer a variety of different options in regards to size, shape, and add-ons.  Visit today to view our gallery.  Maybe you will find some inspiration for your own custom challenge coin design.