Swapping pins is one hot trend.  At big events like the Olympics and Special Olympics, collectors travel from every corner of the globe to get their hands on the most coveted trading pins.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks have incorporated the event into their every day happenings.  Visitors can trade pins with other guests and even pick out a pin or two from a Cast Member’s lanyard.

Patrons of the Hard Rock Café collect memorabilia from each location that they visit.  Many choose to swap for pins that are hard-to-find because they remind them of their journey.

Creating Trading Pins For Our Customers

The 20th Annual Calgary International Pin Club Festival of Pins gives Canadian residents and visitors the opportunity to showcase their collections and trade for new and unusual pins.  Collectors come armed with lanyards that they wear around their necks or trading pin bags where they keep their prized keepsakes.

We know a lot about this type of event because we create custom trading pins for businesses, groups, and organizations on a regular basis.  The excitement of swapping pins can help draw new collectors to an event.

The very first pin trading experience for most people is an incredible one.  In fact, it often becomes the highlight of an event for many individuals.  The anticipation of getting that one desired pin is often overwhelming.  Collectors will save some of their best pins so they can trade up to the one that they like the most.

Characteristics of a Desirable Trading Pin

We know how to create the type of trading pins that other people love.  Here are some of the characteristics that make our products more desirable:

  • Spinning and sliding pieces
  • Blinking lights
  • Dangling charms
  • Glitter
  • Bobble Heads
  • Unique sizes and shapes
  • Brilliant colors and graphics

When it comes to trading pin events, we know how important first impressions can be.  Give us a call or email us today to get started with your own custom order. We can help make your experience memorable and exciting.