Schools and universities worldwide choose lapel pins as a way of recognizing and commemorating exceptional students, faculty, staff members, volunteers, and alumni for their contributions and achievements on campus. In addition to promoting teamwork and fellowship, small tokens of appreciation boost morale, increase productivity, encourage attendance, and generate a sense of pride in those who receive a custom lapel pin as an award.

Clubs and sports teams use ribbon pins to increase awareness and raise funds to help support various causes like Breast Cancer and AIDS Research and to shed light on Human Rights, Homelessness, Domestic Abuse, and Environmental issues.

Stamped with an organization’s logo or message, a custom lapel pin becomes its own powerful message. Those who wear a ribbon pin become crusaders for a cause. Theater groups, members of student government, and distinguished artists are able to identify their role within an institution by making use of these symbols of recognition.

In addition to advertising productions and upcoming events on campus, custom lapel pins identify leaders and Honor Society inductees. Letter jackets remain popular among athletes whose achievements are worn on their chests. This open act of declaration tells others that they are proud of what they do and love displaying the custom lapel pins they have been given throughout the years.

Lapel pins serve as a fond reminder of the commitment that graduates make to receive an education. Not an easy task, their many years of studying have finally paid off. With diploma or degree in hand, they are ready to face a whole new set of challenges as they step into the real world for the very first time. Custom lapel pins remind them of the accomplishments that they have achieved and serve as inspiration for whatever lies ahead in the personal and professional lives.

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