If you’re a designer by nature, it’s natural to be a little bit nervous and confused when creating custom lapel pins for the first time. Your work is precious to you! From conception to execution, it’s possible it took you hours to create, so to hand off your work to someone else is understandably nerve-wracking.

I’m here to tell you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We’re not here to steal your artwork and pass it off as our own, nor are we here to change your work beyond recognition. In fact, we’re locked and loaded with a great team of artists ourselves, so we understand the struggle!

Even if you’re not a designer or not much of an artist or illustrator, that shouldn’t stop you from creating the custom lapel pins you’re itching to stick somewhere. Our artists are skilled and versatile, and they’re able to translate your ideas from a vision to something physical.

To be completely transparent about our process, it helps if you think about it like a cycle. First, you email us your design or ideas using our free quote request form. By attaching a photo, logo, or describing your ideas in the comments, that helps us get a firm idea of what look you’re trying to accomplish. From there, your design will be passed on to a member of our incredible, skilled artist team, and they’ll get to work on proofing your design!

This first proof is what you’ll be sent along with a price quote. If we missed the mark, or there’s something you’d like to change, we’re open to feedback! That’s why we offer unlimited rounds of revisions on your design at no additional charge!

We’re dedicated to translating your vision properly and bringing your ideas to life. Your intellectual property will remain yours, and you’re free to do with the pins as you wish. To remain true to our goal of amazing customer service, if there are any issues with the pins you order, please contact us so we can resolve it as soon as possible!

Has the pin bug stung you yet? Feel free to start the process by emailing us at or giving us a call at 1-866-604-9462! We’re happy to chat about your custom lapel pin design and help spark some creativity!