SYSCO Corporation is a highly successful and large company focused on assisting foodservice operators everywhere.  With 45,000+ employees, you can imagine there is a strong focus on the safety of their people.  The company’s mission is “To market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service.  The vision is similar, “To be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner.”  Without a strong workforce, these things are difficult to achieve.

SYSCO tasked us, All About Pins, to create a line of Injury/Accident Free lapel pins.  Starting with one year and following with all succeeding years, these pins reward employees for taking extra precautions during their time at work.  Tangible rewards have a positive effect on the workplace.  SYSCO can attest to this firsthand because it has implemented this kind of recognition program in its workplace.

Workplace Safety Improves Productivity and Efficiency Operationally

Encouraging safety in the workplace increases productivity which helps day-to-day operations run more efficiently.  This allows employees to give their all to every task that they take on.  Happier employees promote safer work environments.  They are more mindful of the work that they do and they aren’t afraid to share tips with their co-workers in regards to safety.

Lapel Pins Are a Constant Reminder of Safety

Custom lapel pins are effective because they are visible.  People see them and are reminded of the message behind them.  The custom pins can be worn on a lanyard or name tag as a way of keeping safety in the forefront of employees’ minds.  No one in the workplace will dispute the effectiveness of this type of constant reminder.  Lapel pins with bold images and text stand out.

No matter what size of business you run, custom lapel pins are a positive way to promote safety in the workplace.  Contact us today to learn more about the different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors that could be possibilities for your next batch of safety lapel pins.