From time to time, our customers ask, “What is a soft enamel coin?”  Our customers often think that soft enamel refers to the base metal itself.  It does not.  Our coins are made from brass metal.  The phrase “soft enamel,” in actuality, is the name of the color fill process used to create the challenge coin.  A paint-like enamel is filled into the recessed areas to give them color. The recessed areas of metal are surrounded by a thin line of raised metal that helps contain the enamel. 

The soft enamel process is the traditional way to color challenge coins.  The raised and recessed areas give the item a textured feeling when you run fingers across its face.  The opposite, a smooth finish, is achieved with a hard enamel process.  That is because hard enamel coins have faces that are flush and polished.  The color themselves have a glossy finish.  Though not traditional, hard enamel coins do present themselves well and are considered higher quality because of their lustrous appearance.

We can create your coin using either process.  All you have to do is let us know your preference.  In addition to soft enamel and hard enamel, we also offer you options in terms of the size, shape, and style of your custom challenge coins.  We even take your design ideas and turn them into great graphics through our custom design services. 

A simple phone call or email is enough to get the process started.  You can reach us online through our free quote service located at , via our toll-free number at 1-800-667-5931 or emailing