All About Pins was recently contacted by one of our customers who wanted to announce a show that they were having in Atlanta with a Georgia theme.  The 2011 Spring Ace Show was the focus of the pin’s design.  Because Sherwin Williams wanted the artwork to be centered around the event, they told us that they wanted the Ace and Krylon logos added to the artwork but not be too prevalent.

You don’t need to have artwork on hand to have a custom pin designed.  Just give us some basic ideas and we can create a design as equally impressive as the one that is seen here.  Our talented team of artists can take your ideas and create attractive custom lapel pins for you that reflect your business, organization, non-profit or event that you are hosting.  This allows you to remain true to your values and branding without compromising style and appeal.

Custom lapel pins are great for businesses for a number of different reasons.  First and foremost, they can be used to help advertise upcoming sales, special events, trade show appearances, and conferences.  This helps advertising dollars go further.

Next, they draw people in by getting them to take notice of your logo, motto or theme.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you include an emblem or photograph in your design.  People will begin to associate it with your business or organization which is a clever way to build trust.

Last but not least, they reward your most loyal customers and entice new customers.  What other way is as effective as advertising on a lapel pin?  Essentially a miniature billboard, these small tokens of appreciation say a lot about the groups that choose to use them.  People will see the business or organization and know what type of effort is being put into winning them over.

Transform your business or organization with custom lapel pins.  Attractive, personal, and meaningful, they are designed in a way that they can be used in all of your events throughout the year.  Visit to request a free quote.  You’ll love all the advice and attention you’ll receive from our sales professionals.  They want you to love your pins every bit as the people you give them to.