It’s fall, which means school is back in session. With kids back in their seats, quarters already coming to a close, and graduations to plan, there’s no better way to make your students feel appreciated than with custom lapel pins!

Every school feels proud of their accomplishments and students, and what better way to show off that pride than with a custom pin with your mascot, school logo, or anything that you feel represents your student body and faculty?

School pride lapel pins are fantastic for various events such as football games, graduations, teacher meet-and-greets, student rewards, and even more. Even better: If you choose to make your pins with us, we guarantee that your pins won’t break your budget. What’s better than quality rewards at an excellent price?

Lapel pins for your school can be any type. Colorful pins will be either soft enamel or cloisonne, and metal pins will be die struck. If you’re concerned with cost, we’re happy to work with you to find a design that’s both striking, appropriate, and fits into your school budget.

Ready to get started on a unique way to show your school pride? Go ahead and give us a call at 1-866-604-9462, or email us at Let us help you celebrate all that your school and students have accomplished!