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The Many Uses of Lapel Pins in Schools and Universities Worldwide

Written on March 15, 2010 at 3:01 pm, by

Schools and universities worldwide choose lapel pins as a way of recognizing and commemorating exceptional students, faculty, staff members, volunteers, and alumni for their contributions and achievements on campus. In addition to promoting teamwork and fellowship, small tokens of appreciation boost morale, increase productivity, encourage attendance, and generate a sense of pride in those who receive a custom lapel pin as an award.

Clubs and sports teams use ribbon pins to increase awareness and raise funds to help support various causes like Breast Cancer and AIDS Research and to shed light on Human Rights, Homelessness, Domestic Abuse, and Environmental issues.

Stamped with an organization’s logo or message, a custom lapel pin becomes its own powerful message. Those who wear a ribbon pin become crusaders for a cause. Theater groups, members of student government, and distinguished artists are able to identify their role within an institution by making use of these symbols of recognition.

In addition to advertising productions and upcoming events on campus, custom lapel pins identify leaders and Honor Society inductees. Letter jackets remain popular among athletes whose achievements are worn on their chests. This open act of declaration tells others that they are proud of what they do and love displaying the custom lapel pins they have been given throughout the years.

Lapel pins serve as a fond reminder of the commitment that graduates make to receive an education. Not an easy task, their many years of studying have finally paid off. With diploma or degree in hand, they are ready to face a whole new set of challenges as they step into the real world for the very first time. Custom lapel pins remind them of the accomplishments that they have achieved and serve as inspiration for whatever lies ahead in the personal and professional lives.

All About Pins knows how important it is to design a quality lapel pin that conveys the essence of your school’s club, organization, or annual event. That is why our committed design team does its part to ensure you an incredibly satisfying experience from the moment you pick up your phone. You can reach us toll-free by calling 1-866-604-9462 to discuss your custom lapel pin idea. Utilizing your logo or ideal design, our professional sales team and graphic artists will create the perfect custom lapel pin for your event or organization. We look forward to hearing from you today!

Beat the Rush by Getting Your Custom Baseball Trading Pins Order In Early

Written on March 11, 2010 at 6:17 pm, by

Custom baseball trading pins help set your Little League team apart from the competition. With a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, our no cost quote feature allows you to view our unique designs without making a full-blown commitment. Getting your ideas in early will help expedite the process which increases the chances of you receiving your team’s baseball trading pins in time for their first game.

May, June, and July tend to be our busiest months so taking advantage of our no obligation quote now gives us ample opportunity to create the design that is right for you and your needs. Here’s how you can beat the crowds and hit a homerun with your custom baseball trading pin inquiry:

1. Visit and look through the photos on the site. While you are there, make sure to read the customer testimonials listed at the bottom of the page. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

2. Click on the Free Quote button located in the top right hand corner of the homepage. Complete the form, select Sports Trading Pins located on the drop down menu, and choose the quantity, size, and lapel pin type accordingly. Type in the date that you need the pins by. Make sure to order your custom baseball trading pins early to beat the rush. If you rather speak to a representative, call our toll-free hotline at 1-866-604-9462 and submit your request.

3. Attach a picture or drawing of your logo. If one is not available, don’t worry. Simply type in your vision for the design at the bottom of the page. Our talented group of artists can create amazing designs that incorporate your team’s color or logo. Providing free artwork for our customers is just another way we go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

4. Sit back and wait for our reply. A detailed price quote and full color proof will be sent to your inbox and be available for you to view within an hour. This gives you plenty of time to offer comments and suggestions to us on how to improve the design. In addition to being reached by email, our customer service agents are available to answer your questions by phone toll-free.

Having your design on hand ahead of time makes ordering your baseball trading pins that much easier. Even if you haven’t decided on the specifics (size, shape, quantity), planning ahead will reduce the anxiety of receiving your items later than expected. In fact, a customer from California with the Bakersfield Inferno baseball team took advantage of our no cost free quote service and was extremely surprised with how smooth the ordering process became. Their request was:

“We are going to Cooperstown in June. Please design a pin for us. I included our logo but we would like to add a ball and flames if possible give us quote for 1.logo and city 2.logo city and Cooperstown 3.the above with ball and flames 4.Cooperstown towel to attach pins for (12) we are having a team meeting around the 10th of Feb and we will decide on option. ALSO-if you like give us a quote on the styles cloisonné, die struck and photo etched please. Thank you.”

Utilizing their idea and logo, we were able to create the following proof in less than a day’s time:

The customer was pleased with the results of his inquiry and decided to place his order with us early. By doing so, the pins arrived to him in time for the Cooperstown event. By thinking ahead, the Bakersfield Inferno players have their very own custom baseball trading pins ready to swap with other teams and we have another group of satisfied customers.

Employee Recognition and Service Lapel Pins

Written on August 10, 2009 at 6:45 pm, by

We here at are frequently asked if we provide custom employee recognition lapel pins, also referred to as years of service lapel pins, and we most definitely do. Employee recognition lapel pins are great ways of showing your appreciation for your employee’s service to the organization. When it comes to creating a custom service pin, there are 2 approaches that can be taken. The first is creating different molds for each different year to be recognized. What this means is that the representation of the year, be it a number or the year spelled out, is stamped into the pin allowing it to be made from the polished metal. Here is an example:

The second way to manufacture a recognition pin is to “print” the years of service with the silk screen method. Similar to t-shit printing, the silk-screen recognition lapel pin allows us to make only one mold. Below is an example of the silk screen process. This type of pin is also more economical, in terms of initial setup costs. Silk screen fees are less than half the cost of a new mold.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your company’s recongition lapel pins!

Custom Lapel Pins – From Scratch

Written on July 31, 2009 at 8:43 pm, by

Though the lapel pin designing process is relatively simple and straightforward, we here at All About Pins wanted to visually illustrate the basic progression of how custom lapel pins are made. We start your custom lapel pin design with your ideas or images or a combination of both. Your ideas can be given to us verbally over the phone or sent via email if you have sketched or created your design ideas in an image format. We also can take your written ideas and explanations via email, fax or snail mail. Here is an example of a custom trading pin design one of customers sent to us, it was a mix of their sketched ideas and pieces of an already existing design they knew of:

Once we receive the customer’s artwork we send it over to one of our in-house graphic artists so he/she can begin the proofing process. This process entails the incorporation of our manufacturing limitations and requirements. Some of the limitations are “fillable” areas of the lapel pin as there is a minimum area that is required to allow for coloring. Deciding if an area of the design is “fillable” with our enamel coloring and reworking the design, if necessary, is one of the many responsibilities of our artists. A few hours after starting the design the proof would be completed and, in this case, this is the end result:

As you see, the artist has drawn in metal lines surrounding all the colored areas. These lines contain the enamel colors and keeps them from spilling/mixing into each other. The artist has also worked in the color scheme requested along with additional written requests from the customer such as the diamond in the background and the glitter color option.

The customer was happy with the proof and decided to purchase them. 2 weeks later the final product was shipped and here it is!

I hope this blog post helped describe the basic custom lapel pin designing process and shows how we can take almost any idea and run with it. You do not have to be an artist to get a custom lapel pin designed, just contact us to see how we can help you!