This is the time of year in which demands for custom trading pins, especially those related to baseball, softball and little league, are at their highest. Often, upon submitting a new pin order, our customers ask us what we think are the best design elements for their lapel pins. This is one of our favorite questions because it gives us an opportunity to discuss our wide assortment of design options.

What to Consider First

The first thing we tell them is that designing the perfect trading pin is a process. When thinking about your custom trading pin, taking into consideration what information needs to be in your design helps the process move  along a little faster. After that, we suggest talking to the players and coaches about the following:

  • Should the players’ names and numbers be on the pin?
  • Is the year or age group they play important to them?
  • Which elements of baseball should we include, if any? For example, baseball bats, fields, diamonds, gloves, hats or bats
  • Should the team’s colors and logo appear on the pin?
  • Is the hometown or home-state a defining element?
  • Does the team have a mascot?
  • Does the team have a motto or catch phrase?

Putting It All Together

We know this appears simply as an outline, but you would be surprised at how affective taking all of these things into consideration can be. Once the key elements of the lapel pin design have been decided, all that is left is determining how they will be presented. That is where our wide selection of design options and talented graphic designers come into play.

Our artist will draft an authentic digital proof of your lapel pin design, free of charge, from the details you provide. Upon your review we will make any revisions you desire at no additional cost as well. We send your design to production after you approve it and not a moment before. By working as a team with our customers, the result is always a win for everyone. Our clients receive quality, one-of-a–kind, collectible and tradable custom lapel pins and, in turn, we earn their trust and loyal patronage.

Uniqueness plays a big part in creating highly desired trading lapel pins. Covering all of your bases using the list we provided above, is a great start to making truly remarkable custom trading pins. After that, you can leave the rest to All About Pins. Contact our office to share your ideas and start your custom order by calling 1-866-604-9462 or emailing