Want to turn your design into both a custom pin and patch? Maybe a custom challenge coin and a patch design? No problem. Whether one product or three, the AllAboutNetwork is dedicated to providing a painless ordering process. Today, we’re looking at how to use the same artwork or design to create multiple custom products with our services including custom pins, patches, and coins.

Getting Started With Ordering Multiple Products

Some military and nonprofit client both order patches and pins with organizational emblems for multiple ways to express their pride and involvement. While retail clients might order multiple products to expand options for brand promotion. Whatever your reasons, getting started is as simple as stating you’re interested in ordering a pin design as a patch or a coin design when visiting any of our websites under the AllAboutNetwork including AllAboutChallengeCoins, AllAboutPins or AllAboutPatches.

As the names might give away, with the AllAboutNetwork you can order designs as either custom coins, custom pins or as custom patches. Simply contact any of our affiliate websites with your request to create an order for multiple products. Then, rather than wasting your time filling a form on each of our sites, we’ll forward the details to our design team and an individual art proof of how your design would look like either a custom pin, coin, or patch. Ordering multiple products like this not only saves you time from having to hunt down a specific pin, patch or coin company, but also helps streamline the accuracy of the design. Once we get the perfect look down for product design, you won’t need to go through the process of revising and talking to different designers. We’ll know what to do from the onset and ensure a consistent look across the board. 

Design Continuity

When you’re ordering multiple products sharing the same design, you’re not creating two or three different products for different audiences. You’re creating multiple ways to express that design’s purpose. Usually, that’s to reflect your organization’s values, build a personal brand, promote a business or any combination of reasons. Make sure there’s a clear continuity in your design’s look and overall feel even when different products might call for modifications or changes due to the materials or product. 

For example, custom challenge coins are unique compared to custom pins or patches because it’s a two-sided item. However, you can maintain design continuity with your patches and pins by retaining a central logo or emblem that’s incorporated into the rest of your products. Doing so ensures your design retains a consistent format that’s iconic and representative of your other products.

Our Advice For Designing For Multiple Custom Products

Trying to use the same design for multiple products means being flexible and willing to adapt to mediums, whether that be a custom challenge coin or a custom patch. From materials to scale, there’s a more than a few differences between each custom product and you should know what those differences are and how your design needs to adapt to fit the materials or scale.

  1. Know the differences between each product. Both coins and pins have highly-detailed designs stamped into the metal with colors and other customizations added later. However, an enamel pin is a one-sided presentation while a coin’s going to need two designs for both sides. Not to mention, your typical pin is at a notably smaller scale than most coins. Meanwhile, designs on patches are going to lose some detail due to the thickness of the embroidered thread.
  2. Be prepared to scale your design or cut details. Each product uses different materials and sizing scales call for changing details in a design most typically by streamlining or simplifying the way a design looks. For example, coins and pins can sculpt 3D details and textures on the metal you couldn’t possibly get on an embroidered patch. 
  3. Think about each product’s “role”: Try to plot out how you think people are going to wear or use each individual product. For example, an organization might use a custom challenge coin might be used as a special award or honor. Meanwhile, the same organization would give their patches as a unit item for every member of the organization or sell them as a fundraising product. This can help set a roadmap of how much detail or what information needs to be represented. 
  4. Use simple artwork that translates across mediums: From metal plating to embroidered thread, if you’re making multiple products you want your design to look good in whatever medium you’re thinking. Designs with simple outlines and two-dimensional looks are easiest to move across products. Focus on color palettes with strong contrast and clearly divided colors. 

Whether you’re looking for a custom pin, a custom coin or a custom patch, we’ve got your back! From creating the perfect design to manufacturing a high-quality product, the AllAboutNetwork is your source for top-quality items. Interested? Just shoot us a message and we’ll get right to work.