Motorola Solutions plays a big role in people’s lives through their innovations, products, and services.  From firefighters and police officers to retailers and utility workers, the company ensures that each group of people is able to do their job quickly and satisfactorily.  Through a seamless communication of networks, applications, and services, Motorola Solutions customers can perform the work assigned to them using nearly indestructible handheld devices.  In moments of need like unforeseen weather catastrophes, first responders are proud to be using the services of a company as vital as Motorola.

We were contacted by the company with a special request.  They wanted a promotional item to hand out for an upcoming event they were having this year.  The custom challenge coins pictured here were created for a conference that was recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conference coins serve as the ultimate memento for a number of different reasons.

First of all, they are ideal because they are extremely customizable in nature which allows us to capture conference themes, company mission statements, and logos.  Businesses wanting a personal and meaningful promotional item to give away turn to challenge coins because of their custom nature.

Next, they are easy to transport from one location to the next.  Because they are individually packaged and fairly lightweight when divided up among participants, they are ideal for travelers.  Individuals attending the event can pick up a challenge coin and take it home in their suitcase or carry-on bag with ease.

Last of all, custom coins are designed to be manufactured fast. Coins without any color are able to be produced faster than colored coins which make placing an order last minute possible with All About Coins.  Simply contact us with your design ideas and let us do the rest for you.  We provide design services and artwork free of charge.

Take your business to the next level this year.  Visit to request a free price quote.  You can also reach us by emailing or calling 1-800-667-5931 toll-free.  Your custom challenge coins can be ready to ship in 10 days or less.