Mariah’s Challenge is an organization committed to educating the public and preventing underage drinking and driving in Montana.  The non-profit organization provides scholarships to students that uphold the foundation’s ideals.  It also educates and supports education, events, and dialogue in communities that help young people lead healthy, responsible lives.

Mariah Daye McCarthy was tragically killed on October 28, 2007, by an underage driver that was under the influence.  Despite the sorrow he was feeling, Leo McCarthy, Mariah’s father, issued a challenge to the Butte community.  He asked them to help him prevent drinking and destructive decisions from robbing the city of its most valuable asset-its youth.

Since then, the challenge has been accepted by thousands of students, parents, and friends that want to prevent senseless acts like these from destroying the lives of young people and their families from this day forward.  The foundation contacted us because they wanted to extend their message to others through the use of lapel pins.  Many organizations like Mariah’s Challenge come to us for the exact same reason.  Custom lapel pins speak for themselves.

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Lapel pins make great gifts for donors.  They serve as the ultimate token of appreciation.  Much like fine jewelry, custom pins can be worn on an article of clothing or an accessory like a scarf or lanyard.  They can be used to enhance the appearance of and personalize an outfit.  Donors feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they’re given a custom lapel pin to thank them for their contribution.

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