Lochaber is an area of Scotland known as the “Outdoor Capital of the U.K.” It is most famous for its nature based recreational activities such as fishing, skiing, diving, hiking, climbing and the Highland Games. To anyone with a desire to own a piece of this scenic, historical and romantic Scottish area, many different size land plots are available.

Taking Your Place in the Court

Designed to suit any budget and complete with ownership documents, a person can purchase a part Lochaber land for as little as 29.99 Euro. Not only that, owners are respectively dubbed Lord (Laird) or Lady of Scotland. For those who take advantage of this rare ownership opportunity, receiving custom made lapel pins depicting the Lochaber crest is the icing on the cake.

Truly Regal Design Features

The prestige and exclusivity of being a Scottish Lord or Lady is made royally evident in the lapel pin design. Its shape has been customized to the likeness of shield.  The red and gold lapel pin adorned with golden leaves flocking its outer edge is topped by a crown. A gilded and bountiful tree floating against a passionate red background appears at the heart of the lapel pin while a banner that reads “Glencoe” runs along its bottom edge.

Being Recognized as Royalty

With every order of land purchased, the real estate pin is sent to new land owners with all of its paperwork. When Lochaber Highland Estates contracted All About Pins to design its new Lord and Lady pins, we simply could not let the opportunity pass us by. It is not every day that we are given a chance to create custom lapel pins for royalty. In addition to that, we recognize that the Scotland based real estate company is providing an exciting and unique opportunity that anyone can take advantage of.

Royal or otherwise, custom pins can be designed in many ways for any reason. The finished product you see here, as well as in our other entries, serve as mere examples of what our experienced professionals and gifted artists we are capable doing for you. Experience the All About Pins difference for yourself.  Call or email us today at 1-866-604-9462 or info@allaboutpins.com