A frequently asked question is “Are epoxy domes a good option for custom coins and lapel pins?”  The answer depends on the style of product ordered.  Functional as well as cosmetic, these items provide an extra layer of protection, especially for the paint enamels, from the elements.

What is An Epoxy Dome?

An epoxy dome is a clear coating that is applied to the face of a challenge coin or lapel pin.  It helps preserve the item from every day wear and tear.  This is especially helpful if you plan to handle your coin frequently or wear your lapel pin outside where it is exposed.

What Are the Advantages of an Epoxy Dome?

Epoxy dome finishes give your customized item a glossy finish.  Much like a clear coat on a car’s paint job, an epoxy coating makes your lapel pins or coins’ colors look deeper.  The face of the product is also entirely smooth so you can replicate a flush look of a cloisonné lapel pin with our soft enamel style lapel pin.  Your product will be heavier and have a higher perceived value with the addition of an epoxy dome.

Would My Lapel Pin or Custom Challenge Coin Be Okay Without an Epoxy Dome?

Yes, it definitely will be.  There is a large number of our clientele that find the traditional, textured feel of soft enamel manufacturing an important feature.  With or without an epoxy dome, your custom lapel pins and personalized challenge coins from the All About Network will look fantastic and appeal to the people that you give them to.

Epoxy domes are optional but do add something special to your custom products.  Whether it is a lapel pin designed for your next job fair or custom challenge coins for your next awards ceremony, one thing remains certain.  You will receive the best customer service imaginable when you place an order with us.

Our knowledgeable sales professionals are available to discuss your options with you at length either by phone or via email.  You can even receive a free quote by visiting us online at http://www.allaboutpins.com or http://www.allaboutchallengecoins.com.