You may not know this but All About Coins creates custom medallions as well as custom challenge coins.  Medallions have distinct military roots.  Used as recognition items for service to the nation or a means of showing military rank, these items date back to the Roman Republic, where medallions were awarded to soldiers and whole units.

Medallions were made popular in the early 1900s by the Olympics. However, gold, silver, and bronze metals did not originate from the popular sporting event. The Olympics initially presented silver medals to contestants until they adopted the National Association of Amateur Athlete’s award system in 1904.

The popular system of awarding metals come from the first three Ages of Man in Greek mythology.  The Golden Age was when men lived among the gods, the Silver Age where youth lasted a hundred years, and the Bronze Age which was the era of heroes.  Gold is the highest award a person can achieve.  It signifies First Place.  Silver is the second and signifies Second Place.  Bronze is third and signifies Third Place.  Some medallions are copper colored.  This signifies honorable mention or Fourth Place.

Medallions are the forerunner to our modern day challenge coins with the Nobel Peace Prize being a popular example of this type of award. First given out in 1901, these medallions were meant to be displayed not necessarily worn.  Some Nobel Peace Prize laureates include Mother Teresa, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Nelson Mandela.

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