Cherry blossom trees hold historical significance for the United States.  First given to the city of Washington, D.C. in 1912 by the Mayor of Tokyo, the beautiful gift item was well received.  The nation’s capital is well known for its cherry blossoms but very few people know their origin.  Cherry blossom trees are not native to the United States.  They are here in this country because of the peace offering given to us by Japan a century ago.

Cherry Blossom events are popular because of their symbolism.  We are often asked to create custom lapel pins for these types of festival.  The event featured in today’s blog is called the Greater Boston-Japan Sakura Festival. It is the centennial celebration and the custom lapel pin was designed to reflect it. The site to visit for more information is .  In addition to art exhibits, traditional Japanese dance classes, and webinars, there will also be an Anime Convention.  This allows people living or visiting the area to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.

One of the festival’s biggest highlights involves the Consulate General of Japan in Boston.  He will be gifting the city with new cherry trees to mark the centennial anniversary. To accompany the planting of these trees, the aforementioned events and many more will be held during the spring months.  To better market the celebration the Consulate General commissioned us to created custom lapel pins.

Custom lapel pins are perfect for milestone events like the Greater Boston-Japan Sakura Festival.  Rich in meaning and symbolism, they allow people to preserve their memory of the event and also to share their experience with others.  Because custom lapel pins can be worn to an article of clothing or attached to a hat or bag, they have high perceived value.  People that are given pins like these feel very sentimental about them.

If you’re in charge of planning a special event like the one mentioned here, consider adding custom lapel pins to your budget.  Attractive pieces of advertising, they can be handed out to people attending the festival or sold to benefit your organization or society.  Visit today.  You can also reach us by phoning 1-866-604-9462 toll-free or emailing