Another frequent question asked of us is, “What type of payment options do you accept?”  “Do you bill me?”  “Do you accept purchase orders?”  “What is your policy on credit cards?” 


Generally, we require payment in full before we start an order so we do not bill our customers.  We accept both credit cards and debit cards as a way of making things as convenient as possible.  This option includes all government purchase cards.  Paying for your order with an approved cards allow us to process everything the same day.

Personal/Business Checks and Money Orders

We do accept personal and business checks along with money orders.  We do not, however, have e-check capability and cannot accept one over the phone so these types of payments must be mailed to us.  We cannot start the order until the check or money order is received.  If your due date is coming up soon, a credit card is recommended for payment because it will speed up the process.

Purchase Orders

If you happen to be purchasing personalized products for a city, state or federal government organization, we are more than willing to accept a purchase order for payment.  A faxed or emailed copy must be sent in as well so we can review the conditions of accepting your purchase orders.  We do require that the purchase order’s payments terms are Net 30 or less.

We are more than willing to answer any questions that you might have about your order.  That is why we employ a staff of talented individuals to assist you with your needs.  Their product knowledge and unique perspective can help you determine what size, shape, color, and style of items to choose from.  They can even give you advice as to what type of things to feature in your custom artwork.  For more ways to make your personalized products stand out, visit