Custom lanyards are extremely helpful in the workplace because of their ability to bring people together.  Employers looking for a way to boost morale and build stronger relationships with their employees can benefit from creating and ordering lanyards with badge holder attachments.

Not only are the items practical, their personalized nature makes it easy for businesses to deliver a message to their employees.  From implementing safety programs to rewarding teamwork and accomplishments, custom ID lanyards can help transform your workplace environment in a matter of minutes.

Identification for Different Departments

There are a number of different ways that personalized lanyards from All About Lanyards can make an impact with your employees.  First and foremost, they can be used as a way to identify different departments located in one building.  Human Resource employees can wear red lanyards and members of the IT staff can wear blue lanyards as a way of being recognizable to one another.  Vendors and other visitors to the building can save valuable time by looking for an employee with a specific color of lanyard.

Establishing Backgrounds and Specialties

A certain color of custom printed lanyards can also identify people with different backgrounds and specialties.  This is particularly helpful in large businesses with a diverse group of employees. 

Traveling from one building to another in search of an employee can be exhaustive and time consuming.  Being able to visually see custom badge lanyards in a designated color helps new staff members transition easier and more efficiently.

Building a Confident Team

Personalized lanyards are practical and make a great impression on employees.  Not only do they save time, they also allow each individual to be formally recognized.  Badge holder attachments can hold work IDs and name tags safely.  Members of corporate can personally acknowledge each employee by looking at their lanyard.  Attention to details like these help build a stronger workforce.

Saving Time and Resources

Custom lanyards help safeguard costly ID badges.  Employees can present theirs easily when stashed inside a plastic badge holder attachment.  In addition to saving time and resources, lanyards also provide individuals with a place to hold their keys and cell phones.  Rather than have to lug around a heavy bag or purse all day, men and women are free to roam around the building with these items hanging from around their necks.

For a truly effective way to manage your business, consider the advantages of custom designed lanyards from All About Lanyards.  In addition to the number of styles offered, we also have a large selection of colors for you to choose from.  Call us at 1-800-667-5803 or email for more information and a free quote.