I thought of flipping coins when I was watching the big football game a couple of weekends ago. The referee was describing a custom ceremonial coin for the game and I was thinking of how integral coins are in sports. So when I saw a flipping coin we did for an umpire that participates in softball games, I was inspired to write a post that explains that flipping coins aren’t just reserved for the pros.  Amateur sports teams can also benefit from a coin flipping ceremony.

Custom coins for you or your associations add a level of professionalism and recognition to any sporting event.  Flipping coins are a great way to get spectators involved.  They will feel honored to witness the ceremony and may even offer to buy a coin from you to take home with them.  This is a great way to raise funds for teams.  In addition to buying a personal and memorable souvenir, spectators can also support the teams in their communities by helping them purchase equipment, uniforms, and training camps.

Flipping coins are typically round.  There is often an image on each side of the coin.  A team chooses “Heads” or “Tails” prior to the game beginning.  Whoever wins the toss-up gets an advantage.  In baseball, it can be the team batting first.  In basketball or football, it can determine what side of the court or field a team plays on.

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