Politicians and public service employees are used to being in the limelight.  Their constant contact with the Press and high public profiles make them a messenger for the people in many ways.  Custom lapel pins hold a prominent role in the lives of these distinguished men and women.  From the campaign trail to news conferences and public trials, lapel pin company, All About Pins, creates quality lapel pins rich in style and personality.

Ways Custom Lapel Pins Are Used

There are five major ways that politicians and public service employees use our custom products in their daily lives.  They are:

1. To Establish Identity

Being in the public eye has its advantages.  Politicians and public service employees are easily identifiable by the personalized lapel pins created for their chamber, committee or political party.  Worn in a visible location on a shirt or jacket, the small promotional product delivers a powerful message and often makes a measurable impact on those around it.

Individuals in power who support a particular cause can get the word out about Cancer Research, Environmental Concerns, and Homelessness by wearing non-profits’ lapel pins to Conferences, Speaking Engagements, and Banquets.  Cloisonné pins resemble fine jewelry and therefore make a great fundraiser for politicians and public service employees.

2. To Campaign Effectively

Campaign lapel pins with a catchy slogan or candidate’s emblem or mascot appeal to the masses.  Voters wear these items to show support for a political party or politician.  Campaign directors wear Soft Enamel or Cloisonné lapel pins as a way to be affiliated with the man or woman running for office.  These items are particularly helpful in door-to-door campaigning because they help establish the identity of those members of the political party being represented.

3. To Gain Entrance to Restricted Areas

Custom lapel pins are often created for well publicized events.  Heightened levels of security require special access to restricted areas.  Lapel pins featuring a specific emblem are given to politicians and other high profile individuals so that they can travel to and from these areas with ease.

4. To Show Their American Pride and Support the Troops

Patriotic lapel pins range in size, shape, and style.  They often include symbols of freedom like the American Flag, Bald Eagle, and Statue of Liberty.  Created in the colors red, white, and blue and including stars and stripes in their design, the personalized pins help politicians and public service employees show their American Pride.  A person can find American Flag lapel pins for sale almost anywhere these days.

Yellow ribbon lapel pins are also very popular.  A universal symbol used to Support Our Troops stationed overseas, members of political parties wear the patriotic pins in support of the military personnel fighting for our country’s freedom.

5. To Forge Friendships Overseas

Meeting with officials from other countries is something that politicians and public service employees do often.  They like to exchange Friendship lapel pins as a way of forming an amiable relationship with foreign leaders.  These tiny symbols of hope usually include the flags of both countries and an individual’s name.

From patriotic to awareness ribbon lapel pins, politicians and public service employees show their support for the issues that matter most to them.  On the campaign trail and in the office, All About Pins creates the type of products that inspire change.