Finding the Best Custom Pin Manufacturer


You might think the hardest step of getting a set of custom pins finished would be creating a design for your needs, but try googling “custom pin companies” sometime. You’ll be inundated by page after page of businesses and pin suppliers all purporting to be your one-stop shop for custom pins. Don’t make the mistake of thinking each company is the same.

Different manufacturers have different standards and picking the right company for your needs from the beginning can save you a major headache down the line. From the ability to make timely delivery to the experience of their design team, many factors differentiate the pin companies you find online but keep these tips in mind and you’ll narrow your options and better evaluate a potential partner.

Identify Your Needs


The first part of deciding on any company is identifying what exactly you need from a company ranging from color options for your pins, customizations you might have in mind and general responsiveness over the course of an order. For example, at the beginning of any project, All About Pins asks clients for basic information including pin type, the number of pins to be ordered, size of the pins and any deadline for an order. Having information like this on hand makes getting a quote a faster and more quickly sets the parameters of your project. As long as you have a clear vision, much of the rest comes down to checking a manufacturer’s production capabilities and narrowing your results to the companies you know can make your concept a reality.

Check Previous Projects and a Company’s Track Record

Just because a company advertises the ability to meet your needs, doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to do it well. Checking a company’s track record is likely the first thing you’ll do before committing to any service but for pin companies, you want to keep an eye out for both quality and variety in their art and pins. Scour their website and social media for examples of previous work and keep an eye out in particular for comparisons between a company’s art proofs and their final products. Have they worked on designs with similar elements to your ideas? Does their gallery demonstrate creative flexibility with their clients?

Sometimes the best place to start looking is social media.  All About Pins is constantly updating its social accounts with highlights of completed projects and pins we’ve helped design and produce to showcase our most creative or unique works. It shouldn’t be hard to find quality examples of a company’s work, and if it is, maybe it’s better to move on to a more tried and tested service.

Look For Expertise and Variety


If you’ve got a design and concept for a pin, look for manufacturers who offer both a variety of customizations and expertise for modifying and creating key visual effects from a draft to a pin. Unfortunately, some art effects such as color gradients are difficult or impossible to copy as a pin but an experienced team can offer unique solutions to problems ranging from new color palettes that visually replicate an original look or redesign a concept to better incorporate your original ideas. Part of our design process includes free design consultations where we work with every client to discuss their plans and help bring their unique ideas to fruition.

Review a Company’s Services and Extra Offers

Package Insert

Most custom pin companies will offer different color, plating and attachment options for your designs but remember the broader picture. You’re probably ordering custom pins for either an occasion or for retail and extra services such as velvet cases or custom cardstock can be essential for your pin’s final presentation. Identify which of these special services you need from custom cardstock backing to unique presentation options. If a company offers to package these services along with your pins, you can end up saving an enormous amount of both time and money.

Look For a Quality Guarantee

Every business strives to get their services right the first time around but there’s potential for hiccups or problems during production is always a possibility. What sets a good pin company apart from the rest is their ability to respond to these hiccups and relay solutions when the final product doesn’t match expectations. We offer a full quality guarantee on all of our products and offer a full review of any potential problems. You should avoid any company that can’t promise to back their products up in the same fashion as it shows a lack of confidence in their own products and a lack of insurance for your order.

Your Pin Source


It can be nerve-wracking placing your trust in a new production partner but keep a look out for companies who can offer quick turnaround and steady communication throughout your experience working with them. You want to work with a company with high production standards and an experienced staff who’s worked on a variety of different projects and can offer you the most experienced and professional advice.

As an experienced supplier of custom pins, we hope you’ll try our services! All About Pins has over a decade of experience designing high-quality custom pins for clients in every walk of life including corporations, small clubs, artists and emergency services.