Custom lapel pins play a major role in paying tribute to those individuals and groups who work with and volunteer for non-profit organizations. In addition to honoring accomplishments by noting a person’s efforts, the small tokens of appreciation can be used as incentives to recruit, promote, and build loyalty amongst employees and assistants.

From a psychological standpoint, showing appreciation for people’s hard work goes a long way. Happy employees and volunteers are more productive, better motivators, and willing to go the extra mile to please those around them. Ceremonies and banquets commemorating these exemplary individuals is a great time to hand out awards like custom lapel pins.

Featuring your logo, photograph, or organization’s colors, custom lapel pins create the type of environment that welcomes change. Non-profit organizations rely heavily on their staff and group of volunteers to help them achieve specific goals. In addition to educating, promoting, and supporting the community by providing a variety of services, non-profits get involved on a global level by building websites, running blogs, and using social media networking as a way to announce their intentions and gain valuable feedback from the public.

All About Pins designs custom lapel pins as well as award and service pins in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes. Using our free quote service, you can reach us by phone toll-free at 1-866-604-9462 or email We will be happy to discuss the options that are available to you so that your non-profit organization can achieve all that it sets out to do.

Non-profit organizations play an important part in raising awareness and funds for different causes. You can help honor those involved with an effort by creating a custom lapel pin for them today. Our talented design team can use your logo, mascot, or motto to create the type of custom lapel pin that reaches out to the public and touches the hearts of all of your employees and volunteers.