Displaying and protecting your treasured challenge coin collection has never been easier with All About Coins.  We offer a variety of presentation options for sale on our website.  Some of our most popular products include:

Velvet Boxes

Available in red, blue, and black, velvet boxes are the ultimate way to recognize an individual and present custom challenge coins to members of the military, leaders in a community or within an organization as well as scholars of all ages.

Acrylic Presentation Boxes

Acrylic presentation boxes are square with a foam insert enclosed inside of them.  They are clear on the top with a black plastic bottom which makes the challenge coin visible. These boxes are great for retail sale, awards presentations, and for storage purposes.

Coin Capsules

Round in shape and clear on both sides, coin capsules are perfect for carrying around your favorite challenge coins.  Because they are made from durable materials, they are an ideal way to protect your collection from being scratched or damaged.

Velvet Bags

Velvet Bags come in several different colors including red, blue, and black.  They have a drawstring that can be tightened to secure the contents held inside the bag. They also offer a way to bundle challenge coins with other items for a unique way to present a gift.

Standard Plastic Envelopes

Each custom challenge coin ordered from All About Coins comes with its own standard plastic envelope.  This item is complimentary and one of the things that help set us apart from other challenge coin companies.

Many of our customers prefer longer lasting options to house their collections.  That is why we offer different colors and styles of presentation options to choose from.  Individual preferences play a large role in determining what types of challenge coin display cases are ordered.  Some people factor in the amount of space needed to properly present their collections in their homes and places of business.

Military challenge coins remain a favorite amongst collectors.  In fact, because of the challenge coin’s history, it has become a symbol of determination and strength.  Groups of all kinds can appreciate the meaning behind these dynamic pieces of memorabilia.

When it comes to designing, manufacturing, and displaying custom challenge coins, we have you covered.  Our free quote service will help you decide upon what size, style, color, and number of products to order.  We can even suggest presentation options based on your custom challenge coin design.

Take advantage of all we have to offer by visiting  us online at http://www.allaboutchallengecoins.com, emailing info@allaboutchallengecoins.com or calling  1-800-667-5931.