Saying that lapel pins are great for large events or fundraisers is an understatement.  The fact of the matter is that custom pins are the perfect way to identify staff, VIP customers, volunteers, and other participants.

Pebble Beach Resorts Sets Staff Member Apart

Being able to easily recognize staff at any large event is vital to its success. The staff and volunteer pins created for the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament primarily functioned as a way to help spectators find assistance when they needed it. Nonetheless, the pins also became a keepsake to those who signed up to play a part in the huge event.

Pebble Beach Resorts are the leading destination for golf tournaments and major events. It should come as no surprise that their custom staff pins were made to live up to the high class escape’s matchless reputation.

A traditional circle shaped lapel pin with multiple layered images is what participants will be donning at this year’s event.  The ocean blue outer edge surrounding the likeness of a golf ball boldly announces the resort as well as the current year.  In the center of the ball lies a graphic replica of a golf course. Looking carefully at this area of the pin, one will see the name of the event as well as its proud sponsor encasing the scenic artwork.

Creating Personalized Lapel Pins for VIP’s

If organizers of large annual events want to take it bit further, they can also create VIP pins.  VIP ticket holders and individuals that make large donations are an essential part of all major functions.  By using custom pins to easily identify staff and other participants, organizers can ensure these key contributors are taken care of with the utmost respect and urgency.

Staff, volunteers, VIPs, and participants are all vital to the success of grandiose events like the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament.  Using customized pins adds as sense of security and exclusivity without disrupting the atmosphere of the affair.  As a small gift, they are also an excellent way to thank each contributor for their time or financial support.

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