Though the lapel pin designing process is relatively simple and straightforward, we here at All About Pins wanted to visually illustrate the basic progression of how custom lapel pins are made. We start your custom lapel pin design with your ideas or images or a combination of both. Your ideas can be given to us verbally over the phone or sent via email if you have sketched or created your design ideas in an image format. We also can take your written ideas and explanations via email, fax or snail mail. Here is an example of a custom trading pin design one of customers sent to us, it was a mix of their sketched ideas and pieces of an already existing design they knew of:

Once we receive the customer’s artwork we send it over to one of our in-house graphic artists so he/she can begin the proofing process. This process entails the incorporation of our manufacturing limitations and requirements. Some of the limitations are “fillable” areas of the lapel pin as there is a minimum area that is required to allow for coloring. Deciding if an area of the design is “fillable” with our enamel coloring and reworking the design, if necessary, is one of the many responsibilities of our artists. A few hours after starting the design the proof would be completed and, in this case, this is the end result:

As you see, the artist has drawn in metal lines surrounding all the colored areas. These lines contain the enamel colors and keeps them from spilling/mixing into each other. The artist has also worked in the color scheme requested along with additional written requests from the customer such as the diamond in the background and the glitter color option.

The customer was happy with the proof and decided to purchase them. 2 weeks later the final product was shipped and here it is!

I hope this blog post helped describe the basic custom lapel pin designing process and shows how we can take almost any idea and run with it. You do not have to be an artist to get a custom lapel pin designed, just contact us to see how we can help you!