Parkinsons Disease affects over one million people worldwide.  Through the support of the public and independent volunteers, the Parkinson Association is able to influence change and help fray the costs of its $6 billion annual operation.

Custom tulip lapel pins created with the letters “P” and “D” represents the neurodegenerative disease and help identify the individuals that make donations of their time, money, and resources to the charitable group.  We were able to create these tokens of appreciation for the Parkinson Association to hand out to their volunteers.

Custom Lapel Pins Help with Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are needed to help out with daily tasks and fundraising efforts.  That is why so many businesses and organizations feel compelled to honor these devoted individuals with gifts of appreciation.

Custom lapel pins featuring a group’s name and logo are personal as well as sentimental.  They help establish different roles within an organization and identify key volunteers.  The mission of the Parkinsons Association is to improve healthcare for those with the disease.  Without the support of volunteers, they would not be able to do everything they set out to do.

The volunteer lapel pins that we created for the group were used to honor these individuals in several different regions throughout the United States.  That is one of the biggest advantages of this type of gift item.  Personalized pins have the ability to be created in a way that is attractive to large groups of people.  That makes them relevant and cost effective.

Our Commitment to You

Our customers are our number one priority.  That is why we make them a part of the ordering process.  By providing an online quote form and offering support via telephone and email, we are able to better communicate with the businesses and organizations that order custom volunteer lapel pins from us.  If you are looking for a great way to honor those committed to serving your cause, consider the impact that items from All About Pins make.  Visit to look through our gallery for ideas on how to make your own pins extra special.