In sports like football and lacrosse, personal achievement is rewarded.   When a play is good or an athlete really shines, game stickers are given to the individuals to put on their helmets.  Although this is a great way to show off the player’s accomplishments, stickers have their disadvantages. They can fall off of a helmet or wear out quickly.  A more permanent way to make the honor last is to give the athlete a custom lapel pin in addition to the sticker. 

Custom lapel pins can be specifically made for a school or sports team.  They also can be created to represent Leadership, Great Plays, Sportsmanship or Academic Achievement.  Recipients of the awards proudly display their lapel pins on a jacket or bag. This lets the players know that all of the efforts they make on and off the field is noticed and rewarded by their coaches.  It also gives them something to talk about when they meet with other teams at games and tournaments. 

In addition to creating custom lapel pins according to our customer’s specifications, we also offer our expertise.  Available to answer any questions that may come up, our sales professionals can be reached via phone or email.  We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about different sports and can even suggest the type of elements that make an outstanding lapel pin to award to players.

Here are a few things that must be considered when placing an order for custom sports team lapel pins:

  • Is it a special player or accomplishment that needs recognition?
  • Is there a mascot or emblem to include in the design?
  • Will the design be based off a sticker that has already been created?
  • Would an add-on like blinking lights or dangling charms enhance the design?

Once these things have been discussed, we will be able to better determine the needs of the customer and their team.  We can then begin the process of designing and manufacturing their custom lapel pin order.

Custom lapel pins are very popular with athletes.  They encourage sportsmanship and reward dynamic feats individually and in group settings.