Embroidered patches are one of the most versatile products available to individuals, businesses, and organizations.  Featuring personalization in the form of custom artwork and design services, they are a convenient way to convey a message or promote an event.

Different Styles of Backings

There are a number of different styles of custom embroidered patch backings to choose from.  All About Patches offers:

  • Sew On.
  • Iron On.
  • Velcro.
  • 3-M Peel and Stick.
  • Button Loop.
  • Tuxedo Clip.

Advantages of Each Style of Embroidered Patch Backing

There are distinct advantages to using different types of backings for custom patches.  Here is a few that standout to us:

  • Sew On. This standard style of backing is designed to protect the underside of the patch.  It is the most durable option available from All About Patches and is put on all embroidered patches unless otherwise specified.  There is no additional cost for this backing.

  • Iron On. Great for readymade items like uniforms and backpacks, iron on patches look identical to sew on patches and give people an option as to where they want to place them on apparel and bags.  These items are particularly useful as fundraisers and other events where they serve as promotional giveaway items.  A wise investment at $0.10 extra per embroidered patch, they are easy to apply and incredibly appealing to the public.

  • Velcro. Used mainly for members of the military, the hook side is sewn onto the patch and the soft side comes attached so it can be sewn on to the uniform.  The additional pricing is per piece cost. We charge an additional 25% of the patch’s price for this style of backing.

  • 3-M Peel and Stick. This style of embroidered patch is designed for temporary use which makes it ideal for conventions and camps.  It also makes a great souvenir for people of all ages. Like Velcro embroidered patches, the additional pricing is per piece cost. For example, a patch that costs $1.91 + 20% (for peel and stick) will now be:  $2.29 per patch.

  • Button Loop. Allows the embroidered patch to be hooked onto a button.  This is a secure way of applying the patch for temporary use.  The cost of this backing is an extra $0.10 per item.

  • Tuxedo Clip. Designed to clip onto formal wear rather than poking holes into and destroying clothing.  The price of this option is an addition $0.50 per patch.

Embroidered patches are used to help identify employees, law enforcement and fire department personnel as well as youth organizations from around the world.  They come in a number of different styles and can be easily added to uniforms which are a few of the reasons why they remain popular today.

When it comes to selecting a product that withstands the test of time, consider the impact that custom embroidered patches will make.  Then, determine which style of backing works best for your business or organization’s purpose.

You can direct all of your questions to us before ordering.  Our phone number is: 1-800-667-4508 and our email is info@allaboutpatches.com.  A trained sales professional can provide you with a free quote and advice about the number, style, and backing choice that complements your design ideas.