Recently, we have had an influx of challenge coin orders from firehouses located throughout the United States.  Our customers contacted us because they wanted to create a design to award to distinguished individuals in their department.  They wanted an item that not only represented the spirit of firefighting itself but also that of the men and women who served within the confines of a particular district.  They chose challenge coins because of their measurable look and appeal.  We were able to help them customize the challenge coins to their liking instantly.

The challenge coins were then used in a variety of ways.  Some firehouses used them as years of service and recognition awards.  Others chose to order them to pay tribute to fallen firefighters.  No matter what the use, customized challenge coins are highly regarded because of their incredible look and feel.  Due to their size and the type of materials being used, these items are usually thick and weighty. They are a tactile award because they can be handled over and over again without being damaged.

Fire personnel become emotionally attached to the coin because it reminds them of their past accomplishments and the relationships that they built back at the firehouse.  Firefighters often forge friendships that last them a lifetime.  The men and women that they work with at the fire station play an integral part of a firefighter’s professional experience.

Collectors of challenge coins know the importance of displaying these objects.  Sharing these items with others is half the fun of receiving a challenge coin.  Velvet bags, acrylic cases, and display units are some of the ways that firefighters keep their memorabilia safe.

All About Coins offers fire departments their choice of features as well as options when it comes to personalizing challenge coins.  Different types of finishes and edges compliment custom artwork.  Dual plating and 3D molding helps give designs depth and distinction.  We can help you determine which features to include in your order today.  Just give us a call at 1-800-667-5931 toll-free to discuss your fire department challenge coin ideas with us.

Matthew Duncan knows a thing or two about coins. As Manager of All About Coins, he works directly with businesses and organizations to design fire department challenge coins that exceed his customer’s expectations.