Colleges and universities around the country view Commencement as a special time for graduates.  The events signify a milestone achievement, one in which individuals can reap many awards.  Earning a degree in their chosen field can be viewed as the greatest feat attainable by a student.  In addition to awarding paper certificates, many campuses choose to reward graduates’ achievements with custom challenge coins from All About Coins.

The US Air Force Academy trains and educates Commissioned Officers for the US Air Force.  It is a quality school, ranking 2nd amongst public schools by Forbes. The challenge coins we created for the class of 2013, recognized in 2010, were purchased by the families of the students. They represent an important step of advancement in the students’ lives and serve as a way to recall the memories and events leading up to their becoming an Officer. The families presented the coins to the class to show their support for their loved ones.

Challenge coins have a long history with military units, corporations, sports teams, and academic institutes.  They are especially useful in college and university settings and can be used in the following ways:

  • To honor graduates and reward completion of a program or specialized training
  • To recognize exceptional students and their achievements
  • To demonstrate membership and loyalty to a club or organization on campus
  • To entice new students to apply and attend a particular institute of higher learning
  • To recruit new pledges to Sororities and Fraternities

In addition to being able to select different sizes, shapes, and finishes, small add-on features are available to all our custom challenge coin customers.  From decorative edges to cutouts, we offer a variety of choices that are designed to make your Commencement challenge coins spectacular.  Call 1-800-667-5931 or email for a free quote.