We here at All About Challenge Coins want to make ordering custom coins as simple as possible. To familiarize our new customers with our reordering process, we have elected to make it today’s blog topic.

Creating a custom challenge coin from start to finish is a task that some of our customers know well.  These individuals have ordered from us in the past and seldom have questions concerning the process.  New customers, however, tend to be less familiar with us and the products that we sell so they often have questions that need answering.  One of the most common questions that we encounter is, “Are your mold fees one time charges?”  We are glad to say that “Yes, they are only charged one time.”

What Is a Mold Fee?

To explain further, a mold fee is the most basic cost that is assessed on all initial coin orders. Depending on the other order options that are chosen, there may or may not be additional one time charges that apply to your first challenge coin order.

Some of our other optional set-up fees are:

  • 3D Sculpting Fees.  These charges cover the creation of a hand-carved or CNC- machined multi-level image.
  • Bottle Opener Tooling Fees – Apply to the bottle opener specific molding that provides a bezel lip to facilitate opening bottle tops.
  • Offset Printing Fees – Are for coins with digital printing to preserve color gradients and fine details.

Double Sided Coins That Include a New Image

Another frequently asked question is, “Can I keep one side of my mold and change the other side for a new order?”  The response to this inquiry is “Yes.”   When changing a single side of a preexisting mold, you will only be charged half the cost of a full mold.

We keep molds for many years which allows you to reuse a design again at a later date.  This is a practice that we have kept since 2006.

To learn more about the prices that we charge for custom challenge coins, feel free to contact us at info@allaboutchallengecoins.com or call us toll free at 1-800-667-5931