To do this we were able to incorporate the Jansport Since 1967 on the back of the pin as a custom backstamp. This allows people to see how long the company has been in existence. Being in business for over 40 years means a company is stable and reliable. Customers recognize the logo and know it’s associated with a name that they can trust. It also serves as a subtle yet informative way to let the employees know that the different brands are all represented under the iconic well trusted brand of Jansport.

Backstamps Can Be Used on More Than One Design

Custom backstamps can be used on more than one design. It’s the type of detail that allows your logo or brand to be on the pin without interfering with the main design. The backstamp lets people know who had the pin designed. This is a great way for your company or organization to get the recognition that it deserves. Custom backstamps can be used on all your future orders for just a one-time setup cost of $55.00.

Backstamps Serve As a Call to Action

Backstamps can be used to direct your customer to take action. They are not limited to logos. We can put phone numbers, websites, and email addresses on the back of your pins so that they are clear enough for others to see. This allows you to extend your presence in your community in a quick and easy way.

Backstamps Help With Branding

Custom lapel pins helps you with branding and marketing your company or organization. This allows you to continue to make a long lasting impression on people in your community. Our customer Jansport saw an opportunity to extend its message to its customers through the use of lapel pins and a custom backstamp. You can too. Just let us know you’re interested when you call or email us with your inquiry.

Call All About Pins today to learn more about custom backstamps. We’ll be more than happy to come up with a design based on your unique ideas. Call 1-866-604-9462 toll-free or email to request a free price quote and full color digital proof featuring your custom lapel pin with backstamp.