Custom lapel pins for memorial purposes are sentimental items that can be worn annually on the day of remembrance or on a day to day basis as a reminder of the sacrifice the fallen men and women have made on society.  These small tokens of appreciation can also be given out to family members of the lost veteran or officer as a way of paying tribute to their memory.

At Remembrance Ceremonies

Travis County, Texas made December 10, 2010 a day of dedication to those individuals in their community that lost their lives in war or the line of duty.  The pins will be worn by fellow officers and city officials as a way of expressing thanks and remembrance to the brave men and women in the armed forces and civil service professions.

As Fundraising Items

In addition to their high perceived value, these customizable items also make great items for fundraising purposes.  Families of fallen veterans or officers often have expenses beyond their comprehension.  Selling personalized lapel pins and donating the proceeds to these individuals gives them the opportunity to make up for lost income and cover household expenses.

To Represent a Specific Area of the Country

Veteran and officer memorial lapel pins can also be created in a way that represents the city or county in which these men and women served.  This allows for a more personal reminder for the recipients of the pins because they have meaning that is relevant.

Custom memorial lapel pins are designed in a manner which allows them to respect the lives that were lost.  They can feature a photograph of an individual or an emblem that was symbolic to them.  They can be personalized with the names of heroes and even have dangling charms like a fireman’s hat or the American flag.

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