Employees thrive in work environments that make safety and teamwork their main priorities. With that in mind, as a business owner, you have an obligation to create the type of workplace that promotes efficiency, camaraderie, and ethical practices. One of the fastest and most effective ways to motivate staff is by creating custom lapel pins to award to your employees for their good deeds throughout the year.

From safety initiatives to perfect attendance awards, custom lapel pins from All About Pins rank high with businesses and organizations looking for ways to encourage employees to be more productive, cautious, and loyal to their places of employment. Quarterly and yearly lapel pins make a powerful statement by showing the people that work for you that you care enough to notice their attention to details and exceptional work ethic.

A small token of appreciation can work wonders in boosting morale and fostering relationships between employees and upper management. You can use your company logo or motto in your custom designed lapel pins and years of service recognition awards as a way of personalizing the experience for the men and women who have helped your company become the success that it is today.

A few of the programs that you can incorporate into your workplace include:

• A safety program to award individual employees or entire divisions with lapel pins designating accident free periods.

• Collaborative thinking lapel pins to groups of individuals who successfully complete tasks.

• A helpers program that rewards employees that go out of their way to support the people and goals of the company.

• Perfect attendance awards for those individuals who make coming to work each day a main priority.

Custom lapel pins are great motivational tools for employers and employees. By simply taking the time to thank the exceptional individuals that work for you, you are encouraging them to remain a part of your team for years to come. All About Pins would be more than happy to help you come up with a custom lapel pin design for your awards program today. Call us toll-free at 1-866-604-9462 or email info@allaboutpins.com to learn about all of the complimentary extras that we offer with your lapel pins order.

Amanda Knight knows a thing or two about custom lapel pins. As Manager of All About Pins, she works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom lapel pins that exceed her customer’s expectations.