The city of Chicago, Illinois has been called many things.  It’s most widely known as the “Windy City”.  There are three possible explanations as to where the nickname came from.  One has to do with the city’s weather and its close proximity to Lake Michigan, the World’s Fair, and its rivalry with Cincinnati.  The nickname was originally coined by the media and used during the mid-1800s as explained below.

The Term “Windy City” Originated in 1858

The term “Windy City” was first used in an 1858 Chicago Tribune article.  It was also used by The Sun editor, Charles Dana, in 1893.  The bidding for the Columbian Exposition had begun at this time so it was fitting.  The nickname for Chicago spread like wildfire long after the Cincinnati rivalry and Columbian Exposition ended.  The “Windy City” is also known as “Second City,” “Chi Town,” and “Chicagoland”.

Travelers Visit Chicago for Business and Pleasure

From Wrigley Field to Drury Lane and the famed Apollo Theater, there are plenty of things to do an experience while in Chicago.  Business, solo, and family travelers flock to the Windy City with high expectations.  They want to be charmed by what the city has to offer.  They want to be entertained.  They also want meaningful mementos to take home with them.

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