All About Coins is often asked about options that are not listed on the website.  A majority of the time, we can accommodate the request.  Here are some of the most common options that are requested and the questions that merit a response in our blog:

“Do you offer sizes other than 1.5” to 2”?”

Our common sizes are 1.5” to 2”.  We can manufacture coins up to 3”, however.

“Can you make our challenge coin thicker?”

Yes, we can.  Our standard thickness is 3mm but we manufacture the challenge coin up to 4 mm thick.

“We would like to use hard enamel for our colors, do you offer that?”

Yes, we do offer hard enamel at the customer’s request.

“Can we use our sequential numbering format?”

Our standard numbering starts at 001.  If you have a different format in mind, please let us know.

“Can we make our coin a differ shape other than round?”

Yes, in most cases, we can accommodate custom shapes.  Challenge coins can be rectangular, square, and triangular shaped as well as made to look like dog tags.  If you prefer a different shape, just ask and we will see what we can do for you.

“What are our presentation options for our coin order?”

All of our coins come in clear plastic envelopes free of charge.  Additional presentation options that we offer include: clear round coin capsules, velvet bags, and velvet boxes.  These items can help preserve the appearance of your custom challenge coins and in return preserve them for future generations.

If there are any options that you do not see on our website, please send an inquiry to   We will be more than happy to address your concern and answer any questions you might have about our custom challenge coins.

In addition to providing you with a no obligation, free quote, we also can ship to your APO or FPO address.  Visit to get to work on your order and to find out how you can get free shipping.