Fans around the world travel great distances to see their favorite bands and musicians perform.  For these people, music serves a big role in their lives.  From attending the latest concert to collecting sought-after memorabilia like custom lapel pins, there are a number of ways that fans can show their support for talented bands and musicians.

Uses for Custom Lapel Pins

Bands and musicians use custom lapel pins in the following ways:

  • To show their interpretation of the meaning and emotion behind the music.
  • To provide a souvenir that reminds concert-goers of their attendance at an event or venue.
  • Can be sold by vendors at concerts or festivals.
  • Full sets become collector items and can increase in value as time passes by.

Fans can then collect a series of custom lapel pins at concerts, festivals, and other events.  These items can be displayed on a lanyard or carried in a pin bag from show to show.  They can even be traded with other fans as a goodwill gesture and as a great way to make new friends.  Music lovers enjoy sharing their passion with other listeners.

Why Lapel Pins Are Perfect For Bands and Musicians

Custom lapel pins can be created for:

  • Each tour the band goes on.
  • Each album that the band puts out.
  • Each member of the band’s likeness can be depicted on a pin.

Types of Add-Ons That Work Well With Musician Lapel Pins

Some of the add-on features that All About Pins has to offer its customers include:

  • Blinking lights aka Blinkies
  • Sliding pieces aka Sliders
  • Spinning pieces aka Spinners
  • Dangling pieces aka Danglers
  • Bobble Heads
  • Glitter

The most outstanding band lapel pins are interactive.  Our team of designers can suggest a few of the more popular features when you call us requesting a free quote.  In addition to providing you with your choice of size, shape, style, and color of lapel pins, we also offer free shipping.  That shows you how much we rock!

You can reach All About Pins via the web by visiting, calling 1-866-604-9462 or emailing  Our team of sales professionals will be more than happy to help you determine the type and number of custom band or musician lapel pins to order today.