Challenge coins are versatile items that remain popular with military units, fraternal organizations, and businesses worldwide.  They are used to win trust, motivate individuals, and build camaraderie among groups of people.  In athletic and academic situations, these items can easily be turned into custom medallions and handed out at awards ceremonies.

From a Challenge Coin to Custom Medallion in One Easy Step

Similar in appearance to ordinary challenge coins, custom medallions are different in the following ways:

  • They are typically larger.  In fact, we can create them in all sizes up to 3”.
  • They are plated differently to show level distinction by using Gold, Silver, and Copper.
  • They include a ribbon which can worn around the neck or displayed from a nail or hook.

Like ordinary challenge coins, they can be single or double sided depending on the customer’s preference.  They can be also made into custom shapes to complement artwork like logos, mottos, and mascots.

Custom challenge coin medallions are great for competitions because they help motivate teams.  Whether it is at a sporting event or an academic triathlon, one thing is certain.  Awards like these help individuals succeed. 

Tangible rewards have proven results.  They are known for their ability to push people past their limitations.  They help others to beat the odds.  They reward individuals with indomitable spirits. 

Challenge coin medallions can be displayed in a shadowbox or trophy case for others to see.  This gives individuals even more of a reason to place in a competition.  Sharing their good fortune with friends and family members is often one of the reasons why athletes and scholars achieve notoriety.

We also offer a number of presentation options that help preserve the quality of personalized gifts.  You can see what we sell at

For ways to make your custom challenge coin medallion personal, visit All About Coins, email or call 1-800-667-5931.