Custom lapel pins are as different as the people who choose to wear them. In addition to offering soft enamel, cloisonné, die struck, photographic, and photo etched options, All About Pins gives our customers the freedom to choose from a variety of styles of pin backs as well. The following guide will help you distinguish between butterfly and magnetic clasps and know the advantages of features like screwbacks and safety pins.

Types of Pin Backs and Their Uses

Custom lapel pins have different types of backings. Some of our most popular styles include:

• The Butterfly Clasp.
• Rubber Pin Backs.
• Jewelry Pin Backs.
• Magnetic Pin Backs.
• Safety Pin Backs.
• Cuff Links.

The butterfly clasp is the most common type of backing found on custom lapel pins. The clasp has two “wings” which you pinch to remove the clasp. The post which the clasp is placed on measures 8 mm but a 10 mm option is available. Customers who do not express interest in another style of pin back receive butterfly clasps.

Rubber pin backs are similar in size when compared to a butterfly clasp but because of the soft material they are great for applications when a clasp would be worn against your skin. This type of backing has no locking mechanism and is commonly found on lapel pins that are used to secure custom lapel pins onto hats.

Jewelry pin backs are decorative and are percieved as a higher quality option. Their placement post measures 10 mm long, and they have a strong locking mechanism. They are frequently used on die struck and cloisonné lapel pins as an attractive final detail.

Magnetic pin backs are ideal for uniforms or for businesses where people dress in nice clothing. Rather than have a tack or a pin to poke holes in clothing, magnetic pin backs secure lapel pins safely and effortlessly to garments.

Safety pin backs attached to a lapel pin are used to anchor the design to a garment without the risk of it slipping or rotating. This style of pin back is important to professional organizations that use their custom lapel pins as a form of branding or identification.

Cuff links can be imprinted with your business or organization’s logo and worn on the sleeves of a shirt. Hotels often use this type of backing on employee recognition awards.

Other styles of pin backs include:

• Screwback. Great for heavier weighted garments like leather motorcycle jackets.

• 3M Adhesive. Used to anchor custom lapel pins to plaques and nametags. Adhesive strips are temporary but do not poke holes into clothing.

• Deluxe. The post also 10 mm long. Deluxe backings are similar to jewelry backings with their strong locking mechanism but are more compact in size.

There are a lot of things to consider when ordering custom lapel pins for the first time. In addition to determining the size, shape, color, and number of pins to order, a person must also decide what type of backing best fits their needs. We rise to any occasion by giving you the type of personalized service that guarantees complete customer satisfaction. When it comes to selecting the right custom lapel pin back for your business or organization, All About Pins has you covered.

Marc Pamatian knows a thing or two about lapel pins. As Manager of All About Pins, he works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom lapel pins that exceed his customer’s expectations.