The 501st Legion is a volunteer organization that brings Star Wars costume enthusiasts together under a collective identity.  The group promotes interest in the films by wearing costumes for Star Wars events as well as through charity and volunteer work throughout the local community.  The Legion is accomplished and known worldwide.  It has a long list of achievements, some of which we highlighted here in our blog.

We have had the distinct honor of working with the 501st Legion to create custom challenge coins to commemorate its fifteenth anniversary. It wanted to create a memento that demonstrated its mission and members’ committed to serving others.  Challenge coins were a perfect fit.  That’s because coins are meaningful and long lasting.

What better place to raise money for a good and have fun doing it than a Star Wars Celebration?  Star Wars Celebration 3 was one of the largest gatherings of 501st members to date with nearly 500 members appearing in a single group photo and over $10,000 raised for charity during the 4-day event.

Let’s look at a few of the Legion’s charitable accomplishments:

  •  At Star Wars Celebration V, the group helped raise $50,150 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation through a unique auction of customized Stormtrooper helmets designed by celebrities like LOST’s J.J. Abrams, The Go-Gos’ Jane Wiedlin and West Coast Choppers’ Jesse James. An additional one-of-a-kind helmet autographed by 17 Star Wars celebrities sold for $15,100 later in the year.
  •  Star Wars culture is popular.  It’s so prevalent that November 26, 2005 was officially declared “Golden Gate Garrison Day” by the mayor of Santa Cruz, California, in honor of the significant charitable contributions made by local 501st members.  Helping others is important to the men and women that make up this group.

Make history with your club or organization.  Do your part to help others.  We’d love to create custom anniversary coins for you the way we did for the 501st Legion. Visit to see the different styles that we have to choose from.  You can also email or call 1-800-667-5931 toll-free.  We’ll send you a free price quote and full color digital proof to examine when you contact us for more information.