5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Order of Custom Lapel Pins


Choices are great. Which is why All About Pins is quite proud to offer thousands of customizations and color options for clients to tweak their custom pin designs. However, exciting as having choices is, we understand a huge list of possibilities can be daunting – especially if you don’t know what you ultimately want in an order of custom pins. Step one? Get an idea of what you need, what you want and what you don’t want.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before starting an order of custom pins:

What are my order requirements?


Did you have a budget you’re working under? Do you know about how many custom pins you’re going to need? Is there a deadline you need these pins by? It might seem obvious, but these are the first things pin manufacturers like us ask. Having your answers ready helps to get an accurate price quote to budget around and establish your timeframe for tweaking and customizing a design before you need to go to production ahead of a deadline. Having this information early helps custom pin manufacturers like us prioritize the needs of your order and advise you on what’s possible within your timeframe.

Not to mention, when manufacturers know the scale of your custom pin needs, we can recommend cost-saving measures to lower the cost of an order per pin and let you know early if customizations that add time to production such as custom cardstock backing or gemstones will impact your ability to reach a deadline or price point.

“Do I have artwork or a clear idea of my pin?”

Art Proof

Whether it’s a company logo, a unit emblem or your original artwork sketched across an old napkin,  coming to a manufacturer with a clear idea or fully-rendered artwork massively cuts the time it takes to for your ideas to go from draft to pin. When our art team turns your idea or artwork into a pin we consider the distinct style of our client and your initial specifications. If your business or organization has a style guide or aesthetic, sending a manufacturer that guide along with your design’s instructions ensures the ultimate pin design precisely fits your brand.

What will these custom pins be used for?

Pinning Award

From personable accessories to valued awards, custom pins are ordered for many occasions and to meet many different needs. Are your pins to be used as a service award for your company? Maybe you want to sell your pins as a collectible accessory for your own rock band or you’re an artist who’s selling their personal design. Whatever your reasons, they dictate how many pins you’ll need to order and can have a big influence on your end result when you design your pins.

“How will my pins be worn or displayed?”

Group Shot

Are people actually going to wear these pins on their lapels in classic style? Maybe you envisioned your designs pinned on hats and caps? Did your pin design look best on a book bag or pin banner? Knowing the context your pins are going to be worn or displayed helps you decide how bold your design can be and what colors or images to use. For example, let’s say you’re making a design for a hat pin, then it needs to use bold colors and a vibrant design that’s immediately noticeable on top of a plain or woven hat.

“What type of pin do I want?”


Unlike other display mediums like the fabric in a custom shirt or the paper used in an art print, the pin type and material you choose can have a major effect on the look and feel of your design as a pin. Have an art design with sharp black lines? Make sure to order your pin is plated in black metal or those lines will come out in gold, silver or another colored lining instead. Have a vibrant design with every color in the rainbow? Don’t go with a die-struck pin, it doesn’t have color fill.

When it comes to custom pins, your medium matters and it’s important to educate yourself beforehand about the differences between each type of pin. Check our pins 101 article for a quick primer on the most popular pin types and their unique features.

Get Ready, Get Started

Like any big project, a lot of the work for getting a set of custom pins made is in the setup. At All About Coins, we’re pretty confident that being able to answer these five questions will help you narrow down your needs and help smooth your design process. Getting these specifics out of the way will leave you with more time to just customize your design and create an eye-catching pin. Once you’re ready, it’s a simple four-step process to take your ideas from paper to pin.

Still, need help or direction? Call, email or hit us up on social media and we promise to help you get started. Need some inspiration? Visit us on Facebook and Twitter where we regularly feature some of the top pin designs we’ve worked on, getting that initial spark is all it takes to get started.