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Tips For Selling Custom Enamel Pins

Written on January 20, 2020 at 4:52 pm, by

Easy to produce but endlessly customizable, custom lapel pins are a great start both an online and retail shop. However, a low-barrier of entry is both blessing and curse when it comes to standing out in a market full of competition. To find success, you’re going to need to find ways to set yourself apart. In today’s post, AllAboutPins is giving you a few quick tips to help plan and launch your own business selling custom pins.

Create Seasonal and Timely Pin Designs

From explosive new year designs to festive Christmas pins, one of the best ways to maintain your shop’s relevance throughout the year is to stock seasonal pin designs. What’s popular and trending is always going to be shifting, but the changing of the seasons is a shift you’ll always be able to predict and plan for. From wearing autumnal colors in October to Christmas pin designs, people like to accessorize based on the seasons and it’s a demand you can consistently plan for.

However, when adding seasonal designs to your annual lineup, don’t just aim for low hanging fruit like Winter, Christmas, Autumn or Halloween. Try exploring more focused but popular annual traditions that have embedded themselves into our culture. From “No-Shave November” to Ground Hog Day, there is a lot of room for creativity with your seasonal niche and often more than a few ways to localize your selection. For example, Goozee Pins, one of our most prolific clients, has us manufacture new Pokemon-themed event pins for local Pokemon Go Festivals.

Build a Distinctive Identity to Your Shop

With thousands of storefronts vying for attention to make a name and identity for themselves, differentiating yourself from the competition is as important as ever. From a unique art style to an ongoing theme or shop niche, look for ways to give the custom lapel pins in your shop an iconic element that differentiates itself from the rest. Not only does this make your storefront recognizable, and thus easier to find for repeat business, but it helps to cultivate a following and build a community around your custom pin designs.

Of course, building an identity or brand for your pin designs takes a very concerted effort, but there are a few actionable items just about anyone can immediately take to help build a stronger identity including:

Build Excitement With Design Previews

One of the best ways of ensuring a custom pin design will sell is to preview its design and test your market before getting to production. Some of the highest-selling designs from artists are carefully curated from what their audience input or contests. Previewing your pin designs gives you an opportunity to drum up excitement for a design and build a market even before production begins.

Not to mention, previewing your designs opens up your business to a more personalized interaction with customers who can chime in with creative suggestions or recommendations for future designs. It goes without saying that this kind of audience engagement translates into a valuable understanding of what people are looking for, which you can address with the right pin designs.

Package Pins to Encourage Follow-Up Sales

Attractive packaging can really enhance the customer experience with your custom pins. Not only can good packaging give you an extra avenue to advertise your shop and encourage follow-up sales, but it can also make your products more photo-friendly for sharing on social media, which will definitely enhance your customer reach. Not to mention, adding packaging to your pins can help add unique theming elements to your design and add another part of the product experience for customers to interact with your brand. 

Selling and Ordering Custom Lapel Pins

Just getting started with selling custom pins, don’t fret. With free artwork and pricing, the team at AllAboutPins supplies all you need to start punching numbers and getting your designs on the market. If you’ve got a fully-vectored design ready, you could start marketing getting pre-orders in a matter of minutes while waiting for your products to finish the production.

Custom Pin Design: 5 Details to Check in Your Art Proof

Written on January 3, 2020 at 4:34 pm, by

One of the great benefits of working with AllAboutPins is access to our expert art team who can take the wildest ideas and present a top-quality rendition of a custom pin. However, your art proof isn’t just a nice rendition of your design. It’s a great opportunity to comb through the details on your pin design and make any changes to your design before going to final production. For today’s design post, we’ve got five ultra-important details you should be checking on your art proof from AllAboutPins.

Spelling, Grammer, and Names

Got text or a name on your custom pin? Double and triple-check it! Don’t over-rely on spellcheck, it isn’t going to save you all the time and it’s especially important to check proper nouns such as personal names, brands, organizations or places. The team at AllAboutPins makes a concerted effort to confirm anything that looks unclear or off but details like the spelling of a company name or whether an individual’s name was supposed to be “Kevin” vs. “Devin” are detail’s you’re far more likely to catch before we think to notice.

Font Choice

Related to spelling and grammar, double-check the font choice fits the tone and idea behind your pin design. It’s at the proofing stage that you’ll have the opportunity to make changes here on how you’ll want the text molded and what kind of impression you want your words to make on a visual level. Over the years, font psychology has grown essential to how we express ideas and tone through text. Big loud fonts with permanent capitalization will hook attention. Conventional sleek designs relay ideas and text easily without distracting from the actual imagery in your designs. Looking over your art proof is your chance to easily try different font choices and how they express the personality of your pin design.

Color and Brand Imagery

From the look of a logo to the colors and font in an emblem, keep an eye on your brand’s assets to keep it as close to its identity as possible. With your brand, imagery is everything when it comes to recognizability and a lasting impression. If your brand or organization has an established color scheme, make sure the Pantone colors used in a design matches what you want. Some brand designs such as feather-thin lines or gradients are difficult to replicate on a pin design and will take some design work to adapt, but our team’s more than happy to do our part to make it happen. During the proofing process, our team can come up with multiple iterations of a design using different customizations until we find the best match for maintaining your brand consistency, If you’ve got more than one idea, its best to send them all in at once so we can send them back to you all at once. 

All Content is Included

It easy to get distracted by design details and customizations only to realize later you’re missing a key emblem or feature you wanted! It never hurts to go down the bullet list of exactly what you wanted on the pin and check off that it’s on the first art proof! Once your order is confirmed and we’ve shipped out to manufacturing, it’ll often be too late to make any major changes. Account for what content or details you want to take out of a design for a sleeker design and which parts of a design are absolutely essential.

Custom Pin Shape

One of the most basic elements of your design, pin shape dictates the look and wear of your design. Don’t think of your custom lapel pin as a sketch or design against a white backdrop. Look at your pin as an actual wearable accessory. Does the actual shape of your design give the intended visual impression? Is there a specific profile you want your pin shape to maintain? Did you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape for the worn pin? The art proof will be your first opportunity to make sure the shape of your pin scales to your specifications and captures the right look. Not to mention, it’s a good opportunity to test some of the more unique customization options like dangler attachments or 3D molding!

Get Started With Your Custom Lapel Pin

With so many different combinations of pin options and styles, there are literally thousands of options for customizing and developing your custom pin design. However, these 10 details cover some of the most influential parts of your overall pin. Hopefully, this article helps you when it’s time to start reviewing your first art proof from AllAboutPins and makes sure your custom pins come out looking right the first time around. 

Ready to get started? Just fill out this online form with the full details of your custom pin design and we’ll get both your quote and artwork ready in no time. Don’t forget,  AllAboutPins offers free artwork of your design and unlimited revisions because it’s our goal to ensure your total satisfaction!

Custom Pins for Christmas and the Holidays

Written on December 16, 2019 at 5:06 pm, by

With December here, it’s time to deck some holiday flair with custom Christmas pins! Whether fundraising for a favorite cause or getting into the spirit of Christmas, the season’s greetings are an inspirational time for some really creative holiday-themed Christmas pins. With the holiday spirit in full swing, we at AllAboutPins are hoping this guide will inspire your next set of custom Christmas pins in time for the holidays. 

Getting Started With Christmas Pins

When it comes to holiday design, nostalgia plays a huge part in what we love about the season and it’s popular to fall on deeply ingrained cultural images for inspiration. Scenes of Santa Claus riding his sled against a snowy night sky, Christmas trees brimming with bright decorations or gingerbread fresh out of the oven, evoke a powerful sense of holiday coziness hard to replicate any other time of the year.

Color is especially key, the white and red of Santa’s coat, the natural green of holly or mistletoe, and the glow multi-colored Christmas lights all have long-rooted seasonal vibes. From wintry puns to ugly sweaters, you’ll want to be on ball with what’s bringing a smile on people’s faces, and most importantly, creating a pin with seasonal personality.  

Get Your Holiday Pin Designs in Early

While this is advice we’d give to any pin design you want on a deadline, it’s especially important to get your ideas in early before the holiday season gets into full swing. Since all of our products are made-to-order it can take a couple of weeks after confirming your final design before your pins come in and that’s not factoring in the increase in the holiday-related mailing you can expect right around this time of the year. For holiday and custom Christmas pins, the best bet is to try to get your orders finished before Black Friday so they’ll likely be in hand once December hits. Don’t stall!

Focus on Your Favorite Part of Christmas

When trying to capture a sense of holiday flair on your custom pin, look out for the most iconic parts of the holidays and find creative ways to retell or evoke their spirit in one quick show. Some of the best Christmas designs won’t overload the design with laurels and snowy backdrops but instead, use simple images and text to call on the most iconic parts of holidays.

For example, you’re not going to retell Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol on a 1” pin, but a wintry design with the classic words “Bah, Humbug” will instantly call Dickens’ work to mind.

Adding a Seasonal Spin for the Cause

Christmas is a holiday long connected to feelings of charity and giving. If you’re a part of a charitable organization or support a well-established cause, then the holiday season is a good time for a seasonal makeover. Small details like adding Christmas lights to an existing logo or a Santa hat to a mascot can help tie an organization to the seasonal spirit. Make those details the creative choice behind a Christmas fundraiser, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a heartwarming fundraiser for the season.

Don’t Limit Your Custom Pins to Christmas Alone

Christmas isn’t the only gift-giving celebration of the season. Hanukkah, Kwanza, and even the Winter Solstice are all holidays with unique traditions.If you’re selling or marketing original pin designs, expanding to other holidays can actually be a better niche. From trees to holiday cards, Christmas has an overwhelming presence during the holidays and a lot of marketing follows accordingly. By reaching out to other holidays in your designs, your custom pins are very likely to register with people from different backgrounds who don’t often get to express themselves in their own holiday flair. 

Obviously, this is a great way to express your own beliefs and favorite holidays if you celebrate other holidays than Christmas. However, be sure to do your research properly and avoid getting Christmas mixed into your designs. It shows a much more personal touch that’s definitely noticeable. 

Create Christmas Holiday Pins to Be Proud About

Christmas and the holidays are a time of good cheer and warm times and it’s great inspiration for your custom designs. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to get into the festive spirit or looking to inject some holiday spirit into your year-round projects, we’re hoping you’ve found something to be merry about. 

Got an idea you want ready in time for the holidays? Contact us at AllAboutPins. The holiday rush is in full swing, but we’re working around the clock to help make festive creations right on time for the holidays.

Designing Custom Cufflinks With AllAboutPins

Written on December 10, 2019 at 4:33 pm, by

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an accessory giving as much polish to an outfit as a custom cufflink. Just like AllAboutPin’s customized pins, you can personalize near every part of a cufflink’s design to suit your taste. However, a cufflink is definitely a more specialized accessory more at home in an upscale gala than a band jacket. With this post, we’re hoping we can help inspire you to create a set of custom cufflinks to be proud of.

What are Custom Cufflinks?

Custom cufflinks are personalized accessories worn for many black-tie events and formal occasions including weddings or banquets. We’ve found cufflinks are most popular with organizations including the military, law enforcement, EMS groups, and Greek organizations as wearable symbols of solidarity. Like our custom pins, custom cufflinks can be designed using a full-suite of customization options including changing the size, color, metal, molds, and more to suit your needs.

However, designing a custom cufflink isn’t like creating a band pin or a promotional pin for your business. More at home in a formal setting than a lapel pin, custom cufflinks often call for a different approach when it comes to their design. 

Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

Custom cufflinks find their home in a formal atmosphere. You’ll expect most wearers to have their cufflinks on during formal events such as weddings or banquets. These events usually call for a subdued professional-style dress with a sense of gravitas and subtlety. Of course, just because most cufflinks are worn for well-dressed occasions doesn’t mean you can’t have novelty designs. Events like dress parties and informal banquets are great opportunities for fun designs that buck formality. But, ultimately, it’s a safe bet to assume that anyone wearing your custom cufflinks is going to be in some kind of formal wear and to plan accordingly.

Cufflinks are often small and light. As you might expect, cufflinks keep your cuffs connected and secured. Make a design that’s too big or heavy, however, it’ll start weighing down the sleeves. Our most popular cufflink sizes are about 0.75” and 1”. Try to plan a design optimized to fit that scale for the best results.

Tips For Creating Great Custom Cufflinks

As with any custom product, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for what kind of designs you should use and what makes the best possible design. A great design for any order is always going to depend on the needs of the product and the interests of the client. That said, there are a few guidelines that we think will steer you in the right direction.

Use Texture for Visibility:

At AllAboutPins, our artists can quickly generate art mockups of different designs and metallic textures to better showcase the final look and feel of your cufflinks before production is ever started. From the look of different plating options to mixing it up with different colors, it’s a good opportunity to see what works best. 

Make it more than a Logo on Metal

Get creative. Use a 3D mold. Mix some color options in. But most of all, do anything you can to keep your design from just being a logo slapped on a small metal surface. Doing so makes for an infinitely more interesting and unique accessory.

Include Color or Plating Options in Your Order

Don’t forget you can mix and match plating styles and color options in your order. As long as your design uses the same mold we can freely create custom cufflinks in a variety of different metals and colors at no extra charge! Everyone loves options and this gives your design an opportunity to fit different color schemes and outfits depending on the taste and interest. 

Account for Limited Colors

Any order of custom cufflinks comes with up to seven different color options. However, when you’re working with an accessory that’s usually no bigger than an inch you don’t have a space to work with. Especially, when you need to space out your linework to allow for the right color fills. If you want to go for a ton of colors in a design, then make sure they’re clearly divided or stick to one primary color with supplementary color options to enhance a design. 

High-Polish Looks Great for Cufflinks

When it comes to custom cufflinks, going for a high-polish finish is one of the most popular options. Not only does this make a great contrast against the solid colors of most shirts, but it adds a classic jewelry-like quality to your cufflinks. If you plan on adding text with a high-polish cufflink, we recommend you stick to black or dark color text to contrast with the gleaming surface. 

Get Started With Custom Cufflinks

Ready to get started? With AllAboutPins, you can customize and design near every part of your custom cufflinks to fit your needs and taste. Our design team has years of experience helping customers develop high-quality custom cufflinks. While these guidelines can help you create the perfect design. Don’t be afraid of asking any of our experts for any advice!

Custom Pin Design Checklist: 5 Details to Checkoff

Written on November 27, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

A checklist for your custom pin prioritizes the most important parts of a design and helps better visualize exactly what you want from the final product. Forgetting to properly outline a pin design can lead to longer production times or messy design choices. Not to mention, a time crunch if you’re working with a hard deadline. Whether you’re creating a promotional pin for your business or a custom design to sell your original artwork, working out the elements of your custom pin design ahead of time is bound to save you a headache down the line.

Create a Concrete and Original Idea For Your Custom Pin

Great pins start with good ideas. Gets your by spend time early brainstorming an idea and find ways to be original or standout from existing ideas. Of course, you’ll refine your design throughout the design process, so don’t get too attached to your original vision. But being able to list those ideas out and prioritize the most important elements makes it easier to revise and change things as you move forward. However, a concrete idea for a pin design doesn’t stop at thinking about what kind of snappy images you want 

Define Your Order Details

Getting started, you’re likely anxious to jump right into your custom pin design. But getting your order details settled will help you focus your design and establish how much you can spend on specific design details. Information like the size of the pins, the number of pins, and the type of custom pin are important for outlining the scale of your order and your needs. Most importantly, it’ll help you better define your needs and budget out your design.

When starting off, get an idea of what you want out of an order including:

  • Pin Type: The physical style of your pin; can help dictates what color and plating options will work best with your design based on your type.
  • Pin size: The physical dimensions of your pin; factors in how clearly small details and color choices are going to feature on a pin and big considerations for the pricetag of your order.
  • Quantity of Pins: The number of pins in an order; also a big factor for your price tag. We always recommend shooting for over 300 to waive mold fees and get a big price break per pin. 
  • Unique Customizations: Add-ons like custom cardstock, glitter or packaging that help elevate a pin’s presentation; great for adding “pop” to a design or improving your visual presentation.

Explore Your Custom Pin’s Target Audience

Get as much information as you can about your pin’s target audience and how your design can best engage their needs or interests. For example, a cartoony pin won’t go over well if you’re making a registered nurse pin or an award pin for a years of service award. Meanwhile, if you’re designing pins for your based on your own original artwork, you’ll probably want to make a custom pin based on your most popular artwork. Like any designer of a custom product, make a list to identify the exact range of people you imagine will be receiving your custom pin – what themes they enjoy, what concepts are most relevant to them, and what design steps you can take to make your custom pin meaningful to your audience. 

Take a look at the example above! Goozee Pins obviously finds a lot of inspiration from Pokemon, but the unique fusion designs clearly show that they’re in tune with geeky culture on a deeper scale and the use of specialized customizations like glitter paint shows they really know their stuff when it comes to the pin community.

Think about Your Color Palette

Whether you’re working with a single color or a full-palette of shades, color choice is one of the most important parts of pin design. Custom pins are a small snappy visual medium and your color choice helps communicate immediate ideas and emotions tied to your overall design. Understanding what colors are complementary and standout is obviously essential to making a design noticeable but don’t forget about the significance of color choice when it comes to your pin’s purpose. 

Typically, most designs will want vivid and lively colors quickly noticeable worn on a lapel, backpack or lanyard. However, you’ll want to be sure color choices match both your pin’s design and purpose. For example, most breast cancer awareness pins will use different shades of bright pink to better highlight and bring attention to that movement. Meanwhile, business or promotional pins are invariably going to want to use colors matching their branding.

Find a Way to be Unique

While the huge flare in pin flair has died down from 2017 levels, artists and designers are constantly pushing the ante for fresh pin ideas for their artwork, organizations or businesses. That means thinking outside of the box with your pin design isn’t just good advice, it’s an essential design consideration. Look for ways to express personality or “flair” in your design that isn’t as staid as slapping a logo onto a pin. 

A few quick actionable ways you can create a custom pin that stands apart from the others include:

  • Using a color scheme: Tying back to your options in color palette, color choice is a huge factor in how your design is going to be perceived.
  • Unique Customizations: The great thing about custom pins over an art print is that pins can be further customized and presented with your design options. Improvements like glitter paint, cut-outs, and pin styles can all change the look and feel of your pin into something more exceptional.
  • Font Choice: With a visual design, typography is probably one of the last considerations on your mind, but if you’ve decided on adding text to your pin, then make sure it’s readable, visible, and iconic. 

Get Started

Designing a custom pin is an exciting experience, especially if you’re already brimming with ideas. Use these five details as guidelines to help align your design and create a custom pin people will be proud to wear. Still need help? Hit us up. At AllAboutPins, we’re working with people every day to turn their ideas into a pinnable reality.

Guide to Pricing Custom Enamel Pins for Retail

Written on November 18, 2019 at 4:59 pm, by

You’ve designed the pin, we’ve proofed the concept, and now, the production’s finished. Time to price your custom pins for retail. But at what cost?

Set the price too high or too low, you’ll end up limiting both buyers and profits. Thankfully, AllAboutPins is an industry veteran in the custom pin business and we’re ready to help. While there’s no secret formula for perfectly pricing your custom pins for the market, these tips can help cover the most important considerations.

Adjusting Cost of Production

When setting your pricing, knowing the cost of production is probably the first thing you’ll consider. It goes without saying pricing your goods higher than it cost to produce them will lead to profit and if you can cut production costs further you’ll make a bigger profit right? Yes, but don’t cut so many corners that you begin degrading the actual quality and value of your product. Customers are willing to pay for quality when if it comes with a cool design or a unique flair. 

Design by @amandalouisespayd and @thimblestumphollow

That said, don’t be afraid to simplify a pin design to lower production costs. At AllAboutPins, the biggest factors going into your production cost includes the quantity and type of pin you’re designing, the size of your pin, and any unique customizations such as glitter paint or cardstock. 

Here are a few tips for getting more out of your production costs:

  • Higher volume orders can actually save a ton of money per pin. Every pin order comes with fixed production costs. However, those costs stay the same whether you order 100 pins or 1000 pins. By making higher volume orders, you can spread the production fees over a larger order and save a ton of money per pin. Our advice, try to keep most order numbers at 300 or more to waive mold fees and potentially save hundreds on each order.
  • The relationship between size and production cost is very straightforward. The bigger the pins, the bigger the price tag. Ordering your designs in a smaller size can help cut costs across the board. However, be careful about doing this with complex designs. The more details on a custom pin, the more difficult it’s going to see them if your pin is too small. Try to find a balance between what you need or simplify a design if you know you’ll want to save on size. 
  • Every order of custom enamel pins from AllAboutPins comes with up to seven free color options. Of course, you can add more if you want, but to maximize your production costs, we suggest sticking with seven colors in a design. 

Research the Competition

Researching how the competition is pricing their goods is a great starting point for healthy market research of your own pricing plan. Knowing how much your competitors are charging gives you a benchmark for determining how to price your own designs cheaper or more expensively depending on how you’re setting yourself apart.

However, don’t get too hung up on trying to bet a competitor’s prices or setting your products at the same value. It’s a perfectly acceptable business model to cut costs or offer a lower price to try and beat out the competition. Alternatively, it can be just as effective to go for higher-quality pins like our cloisonne option to price your designs for elevated quality.

Pricing Your Custom Pins

You know your costs and you know the value of your competitors. Time to set a price for your own goods. If you’re simply looking to price for a straight profit, then check what the Entrepreneur calls “Cost Pricing.” With cost pricing, you add up all of your total expenses including both direct and indirect costs associated with your custom pins, then add a profit on top of that initial figure. Simple and straight-forward, cost pricing is a great starting point and allows you to focus on adjusting your pin’s profit margins based on the market around you. 

A profit margin is a gross profit you earn for each custom pin sold. Say, the unit cost of each pin took $5 to make and you sell each individual pin for $15, you’d have made a gross profit of $10. As far as setting a profit margin goes, we’ve found sellers on Etsy and Facebook marketplace often price their products as low as $8 a unit or even as high as $20 depending on the style, customization, and perceived value of the pin. We’d recommend starting at $10 USD for 1” or 2” pins and adjusting as needed based on your custom pin design and the market.  

Get Started With AllAboutPins

Whether selling designs of your original artwork or building an existing brand, we hope this guide helps you get to build a pricing model that works for you. Need help working on the design or look of your custom pin? Check out some of our other articles on designing each aspect of your custom enamel pins with AllAboutPins:

Personalizing Employee Welcome Kits With Custom Pins

Written on October 15, 2019 at 8:43 pm, by

When the first day a new job is typically a running gauntlet of 10 or 20 new faces and a stack of HR forms, a welcome kit helps bring new hires onboard and give them a few essential tools for starting the workday. At AllAboutPins, we want to show you how personalized items like our custom enamel pins can make the onboarding experience fun, effective, and inexpensive.

Getting Started With Employee Welcome Kits

As a growing trend among businesses big and small, employee welcome kits are one of many ways businesses are engaging their workforce in interesting and creative ways. On the whole, welcome kits help businesses create a positive first impression on their employee’s first day and establish a sense of their company culture. 

A good employee welcome kit will have office supplies and other useful items new employees can use around the office. But don’t just leave your new hires with a box full of practical supplies or your work culture’s going to be more impersonal than welcoming. The best employee welcome kits add personal touches to help break the ice and bridge the gap between “new hire” and “team member.” 

There’s no “right way” to personalizing an employee welcome kit, each kit will  vary depending on the company, but you can usually divide the contents of a kit into a few categories:

Informational Additions

Coming into the job as “the new guy” means everything from office dynamics to the nearest restroom is an unknown. Basic knowledge like when’s the best time to talk to a manager, where to find HR or policies for eating lunch at your desk are all things you’ll probably internalize quickly after being at a job for a while but run a good chance of tripping up new hires. A welcome kit can be your chance to get them up to speed and feeling confident about navigating around the office.

Practical Items and Office Supplies

Any items that help a new employee do their job whether its a pen, notebook, coffee cup or laptop is going to be appreciated as a direct investment into a new hire’s productivity. Moreover, they’re a quick way of communicating the daily needs of a position right off the bat while helping a new employee become productive as quickly as possible.

Forming a company identity

For most people, what they do for a living and where they work is a big part of their identity. However, within the first couple of weeks, most people are still getting used to things and adjusting to their new environment. A good welcome kit smoothes that adjustment period with fun and creative additions like custom enamel pins, stickers or company shirts that help sparks pride and engagement between the employees and their new workplace. 

Tips for Adding Custom Pins To Your Welcome Kit

Highly customizable and uniquely presentable, a custom corporate pin makes a solid personal addition to your welcome kit that gives your new hires a fun taste of your company culture and personality. Let’s walk through just a few tips for adding corporate pins to your employee welcome kit.

Keeping Custom Pins Focused and Branded

Custom pins are actually one of the best ways to help new hires share the company identity. Easy to order but cost-effective and highly customizable, it’s a quick way for new hires to express their new identity. A well-branded custom pin new workers a direct piece of company swag to help express their own involvement with their job. 

Give them a collection of custom pins

Since their explosion in popularity, custom pins can be found on lapels, hats, bags, and much more. As a fun addition to your welcome kit, give out a handful of custom pins in different designs so new hires can pick their favorites. An easy way to do this while cutting down on order costs is to use just a few unique designs with different color swaps. 

Keep it Authentic But Creative

Make sure your corporate pin designs are distinctly related to your company but don’t be afraid to get creative. When adding a custom pin to your welcome kit, you’ll want a pin design that’s flashy and attractive, not just well-branded. Look for ways to take a colorful spin or express your culture in unique ways. For example, Salesforce included a handful of branded pins with different emblems and images related to their company. Each image was distinct and wasn’t just a Salesforce logo but a unique image or design related to the company. 

We’re Here to Help

AllAboutPins helps clients design and manufacture custom pins in nearly every eye-catching shape and look. Don’t be afraid to just give us a call or shoot us an email if you need any help! If you’re looking for more design-specific tips for your custom pin, check out a few of our other articles below:

Interview With Goozee Pins: How Custom Pins Built This PokeStop

Written on September 26, 2019 at 6:42 pm, by

The benefits of working as a custom enamel pin manufacturer don’t stop at the stellar pin game. At AllAboutPins, we get to meet some really creative artists and designers. Introducing Thuy and Peter Le, a dynamic couple who went from selling hats from a backpack to starting Goozee Pins, a one-stop PokeStop for custom Pokémon fashion pins.

Since 2016, Goozee Pins moved from selling Pokemon Go team hats hanging from a sack to a one-stop PokeStop for uniquely designed Pokemon-themed pins and more. Peter is the main artist of their operation and Thuy handles the marketing and Goozee Pin website. As long-time Pokemon fans, the couple builds a growing collection of Pokemon-inspired pin designs that often mashup with other franchises including Marvel’s Avengers, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. We caught up with Thuy and Peter to learn about their story and where they find inspiration for their custom pin designs.

Tell us a little about yourself and Goozee Pins! When did you start and how long have you been at this?

Thuy: We actually as Perfect League in 2016, when Pokemon Go first released. We were playing with friends at Long Beach and really wanted to rep our teams. Back then, there wasn’t really any official merchandise but our friends made these hats with the team logos on them and we loved them! And hey, we figured others would too. So we bought a bunch and wore ours while leaving a few hanging from our pack. We couldn’t believe it when we sold 30 hats in two hours!

Long Beach was the it spot back then. There were at least 500 to 1000 people on the beach daily playing Pokemon Go. There was very little regulation at first because the city had no idea how to reach and people started selling hot dogs and every night was like a little night market with people eating, shopping, and selling.

How did you become interested in custom pins as a medium for your art?

Thuy: We got started with pins from a friend who started selling plastic friends. We bought a bunch in bulk and loaded them into a little cart with the hats.  Peter built everything! He was definitely the backbone of the operation there. We helped run Pokemon Go events and used the custom pins as rewards. It was a fun way to build a community. 

Peter: We moved on to metal pins after hosting our first tournament. We noticed the plastic pins scratched easily and we needed metal. We checked like 10 to 15 pin sites and found the best deals and the fastest time was with AllAboutPins. Everyone loves our pins!

What inspires your artwork and business? Can you take us into some of the creative processes behind Goozee Pins?

Peter: A lot of designs starting off are basically what Thuy and I think are cool and what’s trending, but we’ve also based a ton of our designs on feedback and crowdsourcing from our customers. Sometimes at events, I’ll be sitting in the back sketching out a new design and interested people would wander over and they get so excited and start talking about what they’d like to see and get super stoked for it. Once an idea or inspiration hits, it doesn’t take much longer than a few days to design a full pin. We tend to organize a lot of ideas on a design team group chat and then I send in all the pins I drafted up every Monday to you guys.

Thuy: As big collectors ourselves, we base a lot of what we do on feedback from customers. We work a lot of it from our garage. We’ve definitely seen how some companies can really upsell their pins and we don’t want to be charging people an arm and a leg when they visit Goozee Pins. We want people to spend time and leave with at least two pins whenever they visit our booth. At Anime Expo, we sold blind bags with a chance to win exclusive gold versions of some of our favorite pins. 

How have custom pins helped you build your business?

Thuy: When we started, we moved a ton of our stuff from show to show in a big rented trailer, but with how popular our pins and stickers are, it’s helped a ton with just transporting our stuff! The margins on the Pokemon plushes really weren’t that good. With mostly pins and stickers, we can stuff most of our merchandise into our own van. We moved up from five to seven different pin designs to over 200 these days. It’s a lot easier to do and way easier to travel with the pins. We’re hitting three to five shows a month including local tradeshows where we set up a big 10×20 booth.

What are your favorite design options when you order custom pins? Has this influenced Goozee’s designs?

Peter: Glitter. It has to be glitter. We’re talking 95 percent glitter. Compliments to you guys, you’re literally the best out there with the glitter. But we also love the glow-in-the-dark pins. We set up a board at our last show with a bunch of glow-in-the-dark pins on display and they looked great! For designing my pins, I usually draw out my design then send it to you guys and customize it on the spot by shooting back and forth with what I think could make a design look better. 

What advice would you share for other designers out there working to brand or create custom apparel?

Peter: To do what we do, we don’t just go around selling our pins. Thuy is always plugged into social media. Back in school, she took a marketing class and a lot more goes on than what you’d see just meeting us at conventions. The quality of work from a supplier will definitely make a big difference. We could have easily gone with any website to make our pins, but we’re sticking with AllAboutPins because I know we can get the quality I expect. We’ve tried working with others early on and it’s a totally different experience. 

Visit the Goozee Pins website to check out their custom pin designs! You can also follow their work on both Instagram and Twitter

Designing Custom Nurse Lapel Pins

Written on September 19, 2019 at 7:16 pm, by

Like a badge of membership, custom nurse lapel pins honor registered nurses with unique designs paying homage to a nurse’s role as a dedicated healer and caregiver. In today’s design article, AllAboutPins focuses on helping you find inspiration for designing custom nurse lapel pins.

Getting Started With Custom Nurse Lapel Pins

A gift to registered nurses when they graduate, custom nurse lapel pins are a core part of a nurse’s uniform and one of the profession’s longest-lasting traditions. The pins are often more than just a stylish flair to scrubs, nurse pins are a symbolic welcome to the industry, a representation of their service to patients, and more. While you might get tempted to make them snazzy and fun, don’t forget many custom nurse lapel pins are also meant to be worn as part of a nurse’s standard uniform. In our experience, clients often go for more formal pin designs with a professional look that wouldn’t be out of place in an office environment or corporate award pin.

That said, some care centers are all for giving their nurses a chance to express themselves or have some fun with their nursing pins. So, like any other professional design, be sure to get a sense for the organization these pins represent and how they’d more personally connect with their recipients.

What to Include in Your Custom Nurse Lapel Pin

Whether you’re going for an understated professional design or something a little more fun, what makes a custom nurse pin, well, a nursing pin is how it incorporates the unique images and symbols that make them identify with a registered nurse. Thankfully, as one of the oldest traditions in the nursing profession, there’s actually a lot to work with. 

If you work in the healthcare industry, many of symbols or images are immediately recognizable but these symbols are found time and time again when it comes to custom nurse pins: 

  • The Maltese Cross: An ancient symbol of the Crusades, the Maltese Cross has been used as a symbol of professional nurses since as far back as the Renaissance and many nursing programs incorporate the cross as part of their school’s emblems. It’s one of the most traditional emblems of nursing and most clients have the emblem either molded in 3D plating or painted red.
  • The Olive-Oil Lamp: Tracing its origins back to Florence Nightingale, one of the most significant figures in the history of nursing. The olive-oil lamp is an internationally recognized symbol of nursing and many custom nurse pins use the lamp as the central part of their designs. If you’re adding an olive-oil lamp to your design, we recommend having the symbol molded in 3D.
  • The Caduceus Staff and the Rod of Asclepius: Internationally recognized symbols of health care practice, both the Cadeucus Staff and the Rod of Asclepius are common emblems of health-related organizations.
  • The Letters “R” and “N”: The letters “R” and “N” are often added to the emblem to highlight their use among Registered Nurses. Some pins might mix this up if the nurse is particularly specialized or working primarily within a specific department.
  • School Emblems: As a common graduation gift, one of the biggest ways to close a chapter in education is representing the school or nursing program a registered nurse has graduated from. Many graduates tend to carry quite a bit of school pride with them even after they’ve left their program and using a school’s unique emblem can give them away to represent their schools even as they go on to become professional nurses.

Design Options for Custom Nurse Lapel Pins

Now that you have an idea of what images tend to be popular, let’s dig into a few tips for what kind of customizations or design options are popular when clients design and order custom nurse pins from AllAboutPins.

  • Plating and Color: In our experience, most nurse pins favor metal plating in either polished gold or silver, especially for images of Caduceus Staff. As for color, most designs only use two or three colors at most (blue and red being the most popular.)
  • Mold Type: Images of the medical instruments or symbols of healthcare are most commonly molded in 3D to bring out the details and create a more visually interesting pin design. But, it’s not unheard of to keep a 2D mold for simpler designs to maintain a neater and more elegant look.
  • Shape: Like with all our pins, custom nurse pins can be shaped however you like, but many clients like to keep their custom nurse pins as a simple circle with the image focused at the center and a text border around the edge. However, it’s also pretty common to simply shape a pin to the design, especially in the case of healthcare instruments or emblems.

Making it Your Own

Still, need help? AllAboutPins has your back when it comes to designing custom nurse lapel pins perfect for either the local hospital or a big graduation event. Don’t be afraid to check in with any of our representatives to get an idea of what we’ve designed in the past and how you can best make a design stand out. As an experienced manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us to work with you to make your ideas a reality.

Multi-Product Orders for Custom Pins, Patches, and Coins

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Want to turn your design into both a custom pin and patch? Maybe a custom challenge coin and a patch design? No problem. Whether one product or three, the AllAboutNetwork is dedicated to providing a painless ordering process. Today, we’re looking at how to use the same artwork or design to create multiple custom products with our services including custom pins, patches, and coins.

Getting Started With Ordering Multiple Products

Some military and nonprofit client both order patches and pins with organizational emblems for multiple ways to express their pride and involvement. While retail clients might order multiple products to expand options for brand promotion. Whatever your reasons, getting started is as simple as stating you’re interested in ordering a pin design as a patch or a coin design when visiting any of our websites under the AllAboutNetwork including AllAboutChallengeCoins, AllAboutPins or AllAboutPatches.

As the names might give away, with the AllAboutNetwork you can order designs as either custom coins, custom pins or as custom patches. Simply contact any of our affiliate websites with your request to create an order for multiple products. Then, rather than wasting your time filling a form on each of our sites, we’ll forward the details to our design team and an individual art proof of how your design would look like either a custom pin, coin, or patch. Ordering multiple products like this not only saves you time from having to hunt down a specific pin, patch or coin company, but also helps streamline the accuracy of the design. Once we get the perfect look down for product design, you won’t need to go through the process of revising and talking to different designers. We’ll know what to do from the onset and ensure a consistent look across the board. 

Design Continuity

When you’re ordering multiple products sharing the same design, you’re not creating two or three different products for different audiences. You’re creating multiple ways to express that design’s purpose. Usually, that’s to reflect your organization’s values, build a personal brand, promote a business or any combination of reasons. Make sure there’s a clear continuity in your design’s look and overall feel even when different products might call for modifications or changes due to the materials or product. 

For example, custom challenge coins are unique compared to custom pins or patches because it’s a two-sided item. However, you can maintain design continuity with your patches and pins by retaining a central logo or emblem that’s incorporated into the rest of your products. Doing so ensures your design retains a consistent format that’s iconic and representative of your other products.

Our Advice For Designing For Multiple Custom Products

Trying to use the same design for multiple products means being flexible and willing to adapt to mediums, whether that be a custom challenge coin or a custom patch. From materials to scale, there’s a more than a few differences between each custom product and you should know what those differences are and how your design needs to adapt to fit the materials or scale.

  1. Know the differences between each product. Both coins and pins have highly-detailed designs stamped into the metal with colors and other customizations added later. However, an enamel pin is a one-sided presentation while a coin’s going to need two designs for both sides. Not to mention, your typical pin is at a notably smaller scale than most coins. Meanwhile, designs on patches are going to lose some detail due to the thickness of the embroidered thread.
  2. Be prepared to scale your design or cut details. Each product uses different materials and sizing scales call for changing details in a design most typically by streamlining or simplifying the way a design looks. For example, coins and pins can sculpt 3D details and textures on the metal you couldn’t possibly get on an embroidered patch. 
  3. Think about each product’s “role”: Try to plot out how you think people are going to wear or use each individual product. For example, an organization might use a custom challenge coin might be used as a special award or honor. Meanwhile, the same organization would give their patches as a unit item for every member of the organization or sell them as a fundraising product. This can help set a roadmap of how much detail or what information needs to be represented. 
  4. Use simple artwork that translates across mediums: From metal plating to embroidered thread, if you’re making multiple products you want your design to look good in whatever medium you’re thinking. Designs with simple outlines and two-dimensional looks are easiest to move across products. Focus on color palettes with strong contrast and clearly divided colors. 

Whether you’re looking for a custom pin, a custom coin or a custom patch, we’ve got your back! From creating the perfect design to manufacturing a high-quality product, the AllAboutNetwork is your source for top-quality items. Interested? Just shoot us a message and we’ll get right to work.