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Hanging bars are an optional accessory that we offer with our lapel pin orders.  Customers that are looking for a unique way to display years of service or membership dates appreciate the ease in which these items can be attached to the base of the pin and updated when necessary.  Clubs, organizations, and businesses can benefit from the use of hanging bars.  Not only are they a value, they are also a unique way to highlight an employee or member’s commitment to a business or cause.

The Gold Wing Touring Association bought custom lapel pins for its members.  Each year, a new hanging bar with the date is purchased for those members that have just joined.  This allows them to easily identify veteran members as well as new members.

How Groups Use Hanging Bars

Many groups hand out lapel pins showing their membership seal or coat of arms.  In these cases, hanging bars are an economical way to highlight the date the individual has joined the club or organization.  The date or location of inception can be put on the bar as a way to represent the annual event.

How Hanging Bars Attach to Lapel Pins

Hanging bars are able have loops on the top or they can have loops included on the top and bottom so that bars can be added instead of being replaced.  Individuals with many years of participation do not have to remove one pin in order to wear another.  They simply add it to the loops on their pin.

Consistency is Key Year After Year

By being able to order a large quantity of the main pin and then a smaller quantity of hanging bars each year it simplifies the process as a new pin or mold does not have to be designed each year.  This keep things consistent throughout the years no matter what date the participant received their first lapel pin.

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