Since its establishment in 1901, Walgreens has grown tremendously from a 50 by 20 foot neighborhood drugstore to a prescription and personal needs mogul. As America’s premier pharmacy, Walgreens has received a countless number of awards and recognition including Fortune magazine’s number six rank on its list of world’s most admired companies and being number three among food and drugstores of Fortune’s 500 largest U.S. base companies.

Filling a Prescription for Success

There is no doubt that the well-known pharmacy’s success stems not only from its commitment to fulfilling its customers’ needs but from the individuals that drive its business. All About Pins assisted Walgreen’s in recognizing the people who are at the forefront of the pharmacy’s thriving success.

Drugstore MVP’s Are Rewarded with Gold

Walgreen’s award lapel pin was designed to reflect the company’s appreciation for many years to come. It is the perfect lapel pin for award ceremonies, holidays or an end of the year celebration.  Its classic, clean, and simple design makes it an innovative and creative gift for employees.

Features of the employee award pin include:

  • Choice of Color- A rich gold tone makes it evident that the person wearing it is valuable to the organization.
  • Custom of Shape- Though the recognition lapel pin primarily has a traditional round shape, it is accented by the dangling ends of the ribbon detail that extends across the front of the pin.
  • Personalized logo and text – the letters MVP appear underneath the Walgreen’s brand logo.
  • Sizing Options – This service award pin is large enough to incorporate relevant design features and be noticed but small enough to be worn with uniforms, suits and formal attire.

With the holidays fast approaching as well as its steadily increasing business size, Walgreens needed a simple yet cost effective way to honor its employees. The individuals that are making a significant contribution to their  stores will now receive an employee recognition pin that they can be proud of.

All About Pins invites you take some to visit our Employee Award Lapel Pin page to get a better idea of what we can add to your employee recognition program.  However, if you already have an idea, we encourage you to share it with us by sending an email to .  We can also  be  reached by phone at 1-866-604-9462.