Costume jewelry is all the rage these days.  A stunning pendant, tie tack or pair of cufflinks can enhance the appearance of a person’s wardrobe and be a real conversation piece for those who encounter it.  With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, businesses wanting to get their message across can do so with an added level of sophistication.

Containing all of the appeal of custom lapel pins, high fashion jewelry is created in a very similar way.  Pendants are designed to look like lapel pins but do not contain posts.  Instead, they have a small hole drilled at the top where a jump ring can be attached.  These charms can be hung from necklaces or bracelets to make beautiful gifts.  Employees who exceed expectations or have a long history with a company can be awarded a new pendant to add to their personalized charm bracelets or necklaces.

Upscale hotels and other service-related industries like to add flair to their employee’s everyday uniforms.  A classy tie tack or attractive pair of cufflinks can boost self-esteem, promote goodwill between employer and employees, and promote a positive image to customers and clientele.

All About Pins can create the type of pendant jewelry and charms for charm jewelry that appeal to people of all ages.  Rather than purchase generic pendants, businesses can create ones that speak to the hearts of their customers and employees.  Because of their high perceived value, these items are worn with pride and are considered keepsakes for anyone lucky enough to receive one.

Submit your ideas to us and we will begin designing custom lapel pin pendants, tie tacks or cufflinks for you today.  You can reach us toll-free by phone at 1-866-604-9462 or email  In addition to a no obligation quote, we offer our customers complimentary design services and free shipping.

Matthew Duncan knows a thing or two about lapel pins. As Manager of All About Pins, he works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom lapel pins that exceed his customer’s expectations.